Welcome Frankp – my blogsitter

I’m off on a three week house-swap holiday tomorrow morning bright and early with the family (if I remember to bring the right passports this time!).

In my absence I have asked good friend FrankP to look after the blog for me (to free up comments which have ended up moderated or in the Akismet queue inadvertantly).

I have also told Frank to feel free to go ahead and put up a few posts if he feels so inclined but as Frank already posts on Bifsniff.com and has a day job, he may not find time to do so.

In any case, I’m delighted Frank agreed to babysit the blog for me. I can head off now knowing the blog is in safe hands.

Thanks Frank.

5 thoughts on “Welcome Frankp – my blogsitter”

  1. I think that’s an excellent practice, leaving someone to hold the fort… May I wish FrankP all the best in his new responsibility.

  2. I’ve heard that Tim O’Reilly is going to goad Frank into sending a takedown notice to him and generate a huge online fuss, all the while Tom is completely offline and uncontactable. A certain someone left that slip last night.

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