12 thoughts on “Skitch invites anyone?”

  1. Tom,

    Would be grateful if you could pass me a Skitch invite – would help alot me thinks and avoid having to wait for photoshop to load.

    shanemc (at) magnetictime.com

    Many thanks in advance


  2. Hi Tom
    Enjoying your blog – in fact meant to introduce myself at Mix07 earlier this year, but ran out of time to connect.
    Anyway – as a recent MacBook owner, some cool OSX apps would be handy.

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  4. I’m now officially out of invites guys.

    Sorry to anyone who didn’t get one.

    Sorry i didn’t get a chance to chat at Mix07 Dene.

  5. The Unofficial Apple Weblog had like 1000 to give away but if people still can’t grab one I have 2 that I have no use for. I’m a Mac man surrounded by Windows PC so it’s no use to them.

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