Multimedia Innovation Network launch

The Technology Transfer Initiative, UCC, & Computer Science Department, UCC, are launching the Multimedia Innovation Network at UCC on Thursday, July 5th at 5pm.

The network is free to join and has as its aims to promote Cork as a centre of excellence in multimedia, to promote research between UCC and the Multimedia Industry, and also to establish connections in the Multimedia sector.

The keynote speaker at the launch event is Dr. Anil Kokaram, Senior Lecturer & Fellow of Trinity College, Dublin. Anil is a prominent researcher, and renowned in the film industry, as illustrated by his recent award of a Technical Oscar for his work.

It ounds really interesting, I must try to make it along.

One thought on “Multimedia Innovation Network launch”

  1. Sorry for my initial take on this announcement but I would like to know where in the social media space, pray tell, are the UCC promoters?

    And will the launch announce a distinct social networking presence on any of the nodes commonly used by the masses using innovative multimedia technologies (e.g. Facebook, weblog, Flickr, Vox, YouTube, Jaiku,

    If not, this is network launch is pure fluff at best or a fiefdom designed to pour Enterprise Ireland money into existing infrastructure at worst.

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