Just published second video podcast!

I have just published my second video podcast – an interview with Jan Blanchard of touristr.

I got loads of great feedback on my first vidcast and I tried to take as much of it on board, as possible.

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As always, please feel free to leave feedback in the comments.

9 thoughts on “Just published second video podcast!”

  1. Excellent Tom
    Very enjoyable, I had the pleasure of sitting next to Jan @ Open Coffee , its a fantastic product and when you look at the money similar user generated travel sites are raising in the USA it looks like Jan and touristR has a bright future.

  2. Tom, we need to talk about this exclamation mark thing you’ve been doing of late.

    One per year is too many. One per post is life-threateningly risky.

  3. Hi Tom,

    I’d echo some other people’s comments, the camera should be and unwitting observer of a a conversation. The format with Jan is much more natural. Three tips.

    The intro should be just you, to camera. You both look uncomfortable in the opening shot, which makes the viewer uncomfortable. I think this is because you are squeezing yourself and the interviewee into the shot.

    Cutting to you (requires two cameras!) for the occasional question would be super slick!

    One more tip a branded front page with your name, the interviewees name and the The PodLeaders brand would be coolio.

  4. Tom, that’s a marked improvement on the first podcast. I would agree with Joe’ suggestions also.
    What you also need to look at is sound quality, see if you could pick up a pair of tie mics on ebay nice and cheap perhaps?

  5. Hi Tom
    Good content and it’s obvious the feedback was taken onboard for this one. Well done. I’d agree with John on the sound though, I thought it was just my speakers so glad someone else mentioned it!
    An extra mic(s) would help if possible and keep up the great job.

  6. Touching on a previous comment — The beauty of web 2.0 (online based businesses) is the ability to have low overhead, you don’t need to sell out or get funded to be successful. In any direction Touristr will be a hit. We’ve spend alot of time gearging the site to be simple yet robust. Big thanks to Jan for being a swell client.

  7. Thanks Tom for the opportunity to discuss our ideas and businesses on your podcast and for the great view on the Cobh harbour and the big boats passing by while shooting the video. With all of the talking (and a little nerves for my first video interview) I forgot to praise the Less Everything team working hard behind the scene. You’re swell too Allan.

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