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Video production basics for social sustainability

Recording equipment

Of course, blogging should be only one of the weapons in your Social Sustainability arsenal.

Other tools you should be using include, FaceBook, Twitter (obviously), LinkedIn (their Groups feature particularly), Flickr and YouTube. I will be dealing with all of these tools in future posts – for now I’m going to have a quick talk about my video setup.

I publish videos for GreenMonk reasonably regularly over on the RedMonk TV channel on YouTube.

I’m often asked about the equipment I use to create the videos and, to be honest it is quite basic.

For remote interview videos, where the interviewee and I are not together, I typically use Skype video calling and a plug-in for Skype called Call Recorder which allows me to record both sides of the call. I then edit the video using iMovie – all very cheap and simple to deploy and yet the results can be surprisingly good.

But for higher quality videos you really need to be there with a decent video camera.

My video camera up to recently was my Sony Handycam (seen above on the right). I used it with a bluetooth wireless microphone to capture the audio and the resulting audio and video was quite good to be honest.

However, when I recently upgraded my personal camera for photographs, I chose a Canon EOS 7D (above in middle – see also on Amazon). This camera, as well as taking stills, can take full HD video so I now use this for stills and video and have one less camera to carry with me. Also, the camera, when coupled with a good lens like the EF-S 17-55mm f2.8 (see also on Amazon) on it in this picture, takes excellent quality video.

The biggest drawback of using the 7D as a video camera is that its inbuilt audio recording is poor. There are a number of ways of getting over this, such as the use of shotgun microphones connected to the audio input of the camera but I heard mixed reports on the quality from that.

I decided instead to opt for an external audio recorder. After a bit of research, I went with the Zoom H4n (seen above on left).

Now I record the audio on the H4n and the video on the 7D. I then import both the audio and video tracks into iMovie and splice them together. It’s a little bit extra work but the results are great.

Recently Adobe were good enough to comp me a copy of their video editing software Premiere Pro – I’m currently learning my way around that and looking forward to trying to use it for some real video work.

If you have any questions on video production, feel free to leave them in the comments – I can’t promise to be able to answer them but, if I can’t, perhaps someone else reading the question will!!!

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Intruders.tv launches in Ireland

In case you haven’t come across it elsewhere already today, Conn O’Muineachain has launched a channel on Intruders.tv focussing on Irish startups.

From the About page:

Our main objective is to take you to the major conferences and events around the world, interview entrepreneurs and investors, visit exciting startups and give you a first look at the hottest technology.

We will meet face to face with the major players in our industry and have open conversations with them about their work, current projects, entrepreneurship and whatever else comes to mind!

Intruders TV Ireland is operated by Edgecast Media Ltd. If you would like to contact us with suggestions, comments, corrections, please email conn(at)intruders(dot)tv.

That’s excellent news, congrats to Conn and the Intruders team for getting this off the ground. Conn, you’ll have to come along to the it@cork conference this year to get some footage – the speaker list hasn’t been published but I can tell you it will blow your socks off!

Like my own first video podcast, Conn’s first interview is with (the normally shy and retiring – not!) Conor O’Neill. Am I imagining it or is Conor wearing the same Twitter jumper in both?

Video interview with Walter Higgins of Sxoop.com

Apologies if you came across this post on my PodLeaders.com site already but I posted an interview I did with Walter Higgins there last week and I know there are some readers of this blog not subscribed to PodLeaders so I thought I’d post it here too.

Walter’s company Sxoop Technologies are the creators od Pxn8 – an online photo editor (think Photoshop in a browser).

Here’s the interview:

There are direct download links on the PodLeaders post.

Multimedia Innovation Network launch

The Technology Transfer Initiative, UCC, & Computer Science Department, UCC, are launching the Multimedia Innovation Network at UCC on Thursday, July 5th at 5pm.

The network is free to join and has as its aims to promote Cork as a centre of excellence in multimedia, to promote research between UCC and the Multimedia Industry, and also to establish connections in the Multimedia sector.

The keynote speaker at the launch event is Dr. Anil Kokaram, Senior Lecturer & Fellow of Trinity College, Dublin. Anil is a prominent researcher, and renowned in the film industry, as illustrated by his recent award of a Technical Oscar for his work.

It ounds really interesting, I must try to make it along.

Eircom slowing YouTube?

In the last few days I have noticed a marked slow-down in the rate in which YouTube videos are downloading.

As far as I can  see there are three possible explanations:

  1. YouTube is suddenly being swamped by traffic and can’t serve up videos as fast
  2. YouTube video file sizes have increased (if a new codec was deployed, for example) – unlikely as older videos are also coming down slowly
  3. My ISP (Eircom – no link on purpose!) has suddenly started throttling YouTube content -  this is quite a strong possibility, I imagine.

I can certainly imagine Eircom wanting to slow down video consumption on their network so have any other Eircom users noticed this too, or is it just me.

On the other hand, if you are not an Eircom user and have also noticed a slow-down of video from YouTube in the last few days, leave a comment here too – it may be one of my first two guesses.

Or a fourth or fifth which I haven’t even thought about!

Startup 2.0

Startup 2.0 concluded last night with the awards followed by good food, great conversations and a drink or two (ahem!).

If you haven’t already heard, the results were:
1st Sclipo
2nd 5min
3rd Properazzi

and joint 4th placed were Trivop and 11870.com.

All the finalists had fantastic offerings and choosing amongst them would have given Solomon a headache! I went out with the guys from 5min.com afterwards (amongst others) and had great fun with them. I love their application and think they are going to do really well with it.

One interesting observation was that four of the five finalists were either entirely video based or had a strong video element to their product.

All credit to Jose Antonio del Moral for running a superb event.

My first video podcast

I published my first video podcast this evening over on PodLeaders.com. As it is the first one, I am re-publishing it here too.

The podcast is an interview with LouderVoice‘s Conor O’Neill. Conor discusses how the site is based on Microformats (making the data fully portable), how the sites makes extensive use of tagging and how you can subscribe to RSS feeds for almost every aspect of the site.

Click To Play

Video editing software recommendations

I bought a new video camera recently with the intention of doing some video casting. It is a fine camera. Carl Zeiss lenses, shoots in full HD and all. But in my zeal to buy it, I forgot to ask one important question – will it work on the Mac?

Unfortunately, in this case, the answer is no which is a shame as I was hoping to do my editing in iMovie 🙁

Even worse though, the camera saves in a special HD format called AVCHD and while it a lovely format I’m sure, there are very few (if any) commercial video editing applications which support it!

The first one I have found – Nero 7 (no link on purpose) had great claims around AVCHD – it could play it, edit it and export to .mpg. Idiot that I am, I bought it and have since been plagued by messages telling me it is demo software and needs to be bought – aaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!! If that weren’t bad enough, the edited files it exports aren’t usable by any other application. They crash Adobe Premiere Elements and Quicktime (probably sensibly) doesn’t even try to open them.

I’m currently downloading a trial of Sony’s Vegas 7 software but it is a tad pricey. And I’m also going to try Ulead’s Video Studio which seems more reasonably priced but has had a couple of poor reports on the web.

Has anyone else had these kind of issues and/or any suggestions for a resolution?