I came across Callpedia the other day.

It is an interesting idea –

  1. you text a query to CallPedia’s text number (+353873204111)
  2. you wait a minute or so and then
  3. you phone CallPedia (+353766020331) and it reads out the WikiPedia entry for your query term

I can see this being great in a situation where you are away from your laptop and need to get info quickly (sales meeting, in the pub chatting someone up, etc.).

However, the voice at the other needs a bit of work. At the minute, it reads out the Wikipedia entry in a complete monotone giving no modulations for grammar so it can be difficult to discern the meaning of the text. And don’t get me started on their excuse for a website!
Still with a bit of work…

6 thoughts on “Callpedia”

  1. Good god.. how can they not tell people they’ll be charged for calling an Irish mobile number.

  2. @eoin – you text a mobile number, but you are phoning an 076 number – this is a national rate call within Ireland afaik. Am I missing something.

    @john – it worked the couple of times I tried it. Now, I haven’t tried it since writing the post – no idea what has happened since!

  3. Surely anyone who would want to access wikipedia while away from their computers would know several people who would not be away from their computers (possibly ever) and could call them to look it up and just get the nugget you needed rather than listening to & paying for reams and reams of text…

    of course, my thinking this is a terrible idea no doubt means someone will come up with a way to save the world with it…

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