Nokia N70 and E65 cameras compared

I took a couple of close-up photos of my bookcase to compare the quality of the cameras in the Nokia N70 and the Nokia E65

Here is a copy of the photo the N70 took:
Nokia N70 photo of bookcase

and here is the E65’s photo of the same bookcase (in high quality mode):
Nokia E65 photo of bookcase

As you can see from these images, the N70 photo is higher quality! The colours from the N70 are richer and there is a lot of noise in the image from the E65.

The fact that the N70 takes better photos than the E65 is strange given that the N70 was released well over a year ago and the E65 has just come out.

8 thoughts on “Nokia N70 and E65 cameras compared”

  1. I’ve always been very happy with my N70. The camera is very good when the light is good, but it’s a disaster when it’s not. There’s a flash but it’s a waste of time, I’ve found.

  2. It’s not really that surprising – Nokia aim different phones at different markets. The N73, N93, N95 are aimed at people who want decent cameras first, a music player second etc- the E Series are for business people who are less likely to be taking snapshots (to the Nokia marketers at least).

    Plus the N Series have Carl Zeiss lens which make a huge difference.

  3. I just read that the N70 doesn’t have a Carl Zeiss lens – my bad! I was thinking of the N73.

  4. For someone who doesn’t follow the mobile market closely, coming across this kind of comparisons in the internet is very helpful. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll go back to dreaming about a good-quality camera phone… đŸ™‚

  5. The N70 Camera is amazing. I’m constantly amazed a 2meg camera on a phone can take such great shots. It’s a fizzer at night though as Damien has already said. It’s a marvel with a bluetooth dongle as well. I can share my home broadband connection with my N70. You need 2 programs called mrouter and gnubox (and a bluetooth dongle.) Love the phone and can’t bring myself to upgrade. If anyone wants info on how and where to get mrouter just email me.( It’s impossible to find online, trust me). phiafly(at)

  6. Tom: The N70 is definitely better in contrast & quality. Good to see these kind of visual comparisons…keep them flowing. So far as quality comparisons are concerned, even though both are by same company, it has alot to do with quality of microprocessors within, who made them etc. But a big noticable difference

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