Jangl sign-up broken?

I have been trying unsuccessfully, to sign-up for Jangl‘s service for several days now.

Part of the process involves calling their service, choosing and entering a four digit PIN. However, every time I have tried this, Jangl says it doesn’t recognise the PIN I have entered.

The explanation can’t be as simple as Jangl doesn’t recognise the DTMF tones from my phone because to enter the PIN, I had to enter 1 and it recognised that, no problem.

Maybe I should try again using 1111 as my password!

Has anyone else had this problem?

2 thoughts on “Jangl sign-up broken?”

  1. Hi Tom,

    Thanks for taking the time to correspond with us about this (again, for those unaware, Jangl contacted Tom within just a few hours of this initial blog post). We appreciate the questions you’ve answered regarding what precisely transpired, etc.

    We’re not currently offering service in Ireland, even on U.S. area codes in roam, so this may explain part of the problem. However, we will be launching in Ireland and about 30 other countries in the very near future.

    I appreciate all of your input and have relayed it internally.

    Thanks, Tom.

    tim @ jangl

  2. Tom – just to add to Tim’s comment, we did some digging. We don’t support Ireland at this time, as Tim implies, but the fact that you were using a US phone number over Truphone caused some curiosity. The 877 verification # needs to see caller ID and ANI to truly make sure it’s you doing this and not someone else spoofing to look like you. Your calls came into us at area code 712 #s, which didn’t match your ANI. Looks like Truphone has one of those carrier compensation deals with the Iowa telecoms. Because your caller ID and ANI differ, our app won’t let you get thru the verification process.

    We will be in Irelend very soon, so hopefully you will try our service from your Ireland based number.

    …just so you know we dug in.

    best, mc
    jangl ceo

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