Vista Explorer crash

I found another bug in Vista this morning.

In an attempt to tidy the desktop, I right-clicked on the ppt file Microsoft left on the desktop and chose Send To -> Documents to move this file off the desktop.

Windows Explorer crashed. Reproducibly.

Windows Explorer crash in Vista

And then restarted itself.

Windows Explorer crash in Vista

I dragged the file into the Documents folder and there was no crash!

I then created another file on the desktop and this one could be Sent To the Documents folder, no problem.

I suspect it was a permissions issue or similar on that particular file. Still crashing Windows Explorer is a bit drastic!

I couldn’t screenshot this occurring either for some reason so I had to get my camera and photograph it – hence the blurriness!

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  1. Sounds like you’re having a wee bit less than a lot of fun with that Tom – hopefully Jon Hanna is a reader of your blog before he runs out to purchase his Vista laptop! Sounds to me like it might be a broken shell extension (say something like WinZip that ads context menu items to the right click). I the shell extension is foo-barred then activating it on right click will cause the context menu to freak out and in this case apparently kill explorer. I have (shamefully admits) seen a similar problem on my Mac once whereby a broken ad-on ruined my context click but nothing else. Did the laptop come with a prepaid return envelope? 🙂

  2. Issue solved. It’s a bug, for sure, but it’s not a common one. What happened here is that by taking the image of laptop 1 and loading it on the other laptops, the documents folder needed to be initiated properly.

    We’ve reproduced it here on 5 devices and indeed as Tom pointed out, the system blocked. However, by opening the documents folder once and keeping it open during the first copy action, the folder is initiated and recognized. The file can be transferred from the desktop to the documents folder by right-clicking it.

    Future actions will not require you to have the folder open, it just needed to be done once, because of the image that has been placed on the laptop.

    Thanks for keeping me busy this afternoon Tom, I’m logging the bug for the product team to solve. 🙂

  3. I had the same problem, checked the vista generated report, it pointed to SKYPEI~1.DLL – after disabling the Skype add on – problem fixed

  4. I have been having a problem with explorer crashing also. If I have a folder open and select multiple items and then right click, explorer crashes. I have narrowed it down to what is causing the crash and it is any filename that may contain “%#” with the number sign being replaced with a real number, (Percent sign)(number), like if you copy a file from the net and the original filename has a blank but IE saves it with the ASCII code for blank %20, that will crash explorer and is very re-producible by right clicking on a filename containing ASCII code.

  5. Am having a problem with my vista explorer from time to time my deskstop seen to crash like everything is just blinkin and located in the wrong location like taskbar quikly bounce above the screen and start blink and i cant really click on anything so i is hae to close explorer.exe from task manager to fix the problem everytime…………can someone help me get rid of this issue please

  6. I have the same problem which I am learning to live with 🙁 But in addition, windows explorer runs at about 50% CPU on my new XPS 410 all the time. Killing it and restarting it does not have any impact on the CPU usage.

  7. Barry, the reason for this is because the default Power Properties only uses 50% of the CPU for AC power state. Go to Control Panel: Power Options: Change Advanced Power Options: Process Power Management: Maximum Processor State and change the 50% to 100% for Plugged In.

  8. Please help me.. I have the same problem too
    sometimes the taskbar have blank spaces
    later all goes slowly
    i have to run the task manager and end process (explorer)
    and run it again …and all goes normally

    but it happends just like 8 times a day and i’m tired of that

    please help me !

  9. Mine seems to have taken itself one step further! Only had the laptop about 2 weeks and now whenever i try and turn it on immediately it says that vista explorer has crashed so it re-starts itself then crashes again!A vicious circle!when i stop explorer manually then run it again,it crashes…again!


  10. I am having the same problem as nathan, i cant do anything to stop it, i cant do anything with the computer before explorer crashes again!! Im in desperate need of a solution!
    Any help would be much appreciated

  11. Continue the Barry,

    explorer consumes 50% of processor time on Core 2 Duo (Sony FE-880E).
    It’s definitely not a power options, after killing and restarting Explorer works fine and average CPU load is 2-5%.
    During 50% load explorer also works fine. May be one of the explorer’s threads generates this system load? How to check which one?

  12. I have looked into this problem ever since I upgraded it Vista.

    I am running Vista Business and Windows Explorer crashes at least once a week.

    The easiest quick fix I happened upon was to double click on where your clock is. This will restart Windows Explorer.

    I know it is not fixing the problem, but come on Explorer should be able to browse without any issues.


  13. My Explorer crashes whenever i try to drag and drop files between folders. Says ‘Explorer has stopped working’.

    Problem signature:
    Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
    Application Name: explorer.exe
    Application Version: 6.0.6000.16386
    Application Timestamp: 4549b091
    Fault Module Name: SHELL32.dll
    Fault Module Version: 6.0.6000.16386
    Fault Module Timestamp: 4549bdb4
    Exception Code: c0000005
    Exception Offset: 0029b83f
    OS Version: 6.0.6000.
    Locale ID: 1033
    Additional Information 1: 8d13
    Additional Information 2: cdca9b1d21d12b77d84f02df48e34311
    Additional Information 3: 8d13
    Additional Information 4: cdca9b1d21d12b77d84f02df48e34311

    I never had any problem with XP. Recently i bought this new Sony laptop with Vista,,,here begins the problem.

    Please Help!!

  14. I have been havin’ the same prob with my new laptop and am really certain microsoft is gonna fix it in their SP1 for vista cos I saw it on the website. I hope it comes out quick…

  15. just as a side note: once vista has all of these issues solved, i dont think im ever gonna buy another version of windows in my whole life, theres just so many danm issues with each new versions, i cant imagine it differently…

    i have the same issue and it started two days ago. Windows explorer crashes evere 10 min or so and instantly when i go into control panel or my computer. What is intersting is that i have not installed any programs or drivers in a week. instead THE PROBLEM STARTED AFTER I INSTALLED VARIOUS “IMPORTANT” UPDATES FROM MICROSOFT. so i dont know what to blame except microsoft and the OS itself!. no viruses. no drivers. no programs.. but windows update. i have tried everything, system restore, uninstalling those updates, disabling user account control, ran anti-virus, everything nothing has worked if anyone knows of another solution please help thanks!

    BY the way I COMPLETYL AGREE with DISIVILO, once they get vista right and without problems ill never get another version of windows. i mean as of now xp was much more stable than vista, and vista has already been out for 6 months!! This is ridiculous, microsoft advertised improved security. but i highly doubt that when windows explorer itself can be damaged so easily. this didnt even happen in xp. its like they are going backwards.

  17. Everytime i open any program..or just any screen for that fact of the mater…I have to be quick, Quicker then windows explorer can crash on me…And then its crashes within a few seconds BAMMMMM! Crash WTF! is going on. I have not a clue and Geek Squad is just out of the question…I live in a small town I dout anyone would want to make the trip.
    So any takers on WTF is up…Please I’m begging you
    Plus I lost my receit and I was so excited to open the box, that I just tore thought it like a Fat chick at the buffet…Nothing left…Save me some food heffer.

  18. Since a while my Vista Desktop is almost always crashing when I do a right-click on a desktop icon or on the startmenu button. I can’t track the problem down. I remember I disabled some services that were listed on SpeedyVista as being disregardable and it feels as if since then this happens but turning back on most of the services didn’t help.

  19. I am currently trying to determine the windows exploere going beserk in Vista Business. I have a user that that can work fine and then when opening one more window, suddenly explorer goes nuts. The notification bar is in the upper left corner, task bar is compressed across the top of the screen and mouse is not active at the location the pointer is located and windows can start opening at random. I have been able to reproduce this when locking a functional workstation and then unlocking it after a period of time. Currently, all power management options are set to never turn the PC off.

  20. kk. this damn thing happens again and again
    it says “Windows Explorer has stopped working
    Windows Explorer is restarting…”
    please help me. i really need to fix this damn problem.
    if u can please contact me at
    and please make it in simple words cuz i really dont know much of computer…

  21. My Vista’s shell also crashes all the time, either when I right click a selection of itens on a folder, or when I’m copying a large number of files from one folder to another, if I close the window containing the original folder (not 100% sure about that, though…).

    I also think this problem became must worse some days ago, on the day Vista downloaded and installed 4 “important” Vista updates… Microsoft, what have you done to us?!… :-S


    — Fernando

  22. everytime i turn my laptop on it says “windows explorer has stopped working” then immediately “windows explorer is restarting” then about 5 seconds later it starts over and crashes again. it just keeps going through the circle and this is the second computer straight that has done this to me. i have never had any problems with xp but 2 days after i get vista this happens what should i do

  23. How many times does microsoft need to get it right? This seems to be a common problem. Linux or Apple seem to be the answer.

  24. A lot of you seem to have had trouble with Vista, I am still using XP on my desktop but was thinking of buying a new laptop pre-installed with Vista, would you recommend it? After this post I’m a little worried about making the wrong decision.

  25. Essex web designer. Only if you *really* have to get a new laptop, and even then consider a Mac if you can. Or stick with XP, it’s will probably be cheaper and still good for a number of years I’m sure. I am getting heartily sick of Vista, and so far I don’t feel I’m getting anything much more with Vista than I had with XP, apart from some fancy graphic effects. And XP was a lot more stable. Not to mention various programs and drivers having issues… It’s like being back in Windows 95 days.

    My latest issue is Explorer crashing too – on a number of occasions it crashes when I do a search. I start typing a term, and stuff starts popping up below – then if I make a mistake and delete a letter, it crashes. It’s reproducible – I’ve just done it again to check.

    This is doubly annoying because what I really want to do is use Google Desktop – but this does not work at all in Vista. It is a known issue apparently, and I think Google has complained to Microsoft, but you can be sure they’re not hurrying to fix it.

    Microsoft >:[

  26. Julian, I agree with most of what you wrote. MS will probably never get it right. But one thing that holds true is that Vista is more stable and optimized than XP. E.g. I tried to overclock a Core2Duo 2.4Ghz to 3Ghz with XP and XP stopped booting at 2.7Ghz. With Vista it runs stable even overclocked at 3.0Ghz. And on the other hand also Macs are not perfect and yes, even they do crash.

  27. bill gates is the owner of microsoft and he doesnt know how to use a pc! what do u all expect from microsoft? if your boss doesnt now how to monitor your work….
    I never bought windows my self and i still feel i have the right to sue the f… after formatting intalling vista and setting up the pc… it doesnt work.. it sucks!
    Windows explorer doent work, what else could be worst mr bill?? Are you crazy launching shit in the market??

  28. sascha/hdrs
    Honestly I only vaguely know what you mean, but in any even I’m not so worried about overclocking or stuff like that – I just want it to run for usual everyday purposes…

    Anyway, for anyone out there, I may have found the cause: I used the “Event Viewer’ (which is a useful tool in Vista) and it seems that a ‘faulty dll’ is the usual cause for the Explorer crash.

    Normally it’s “module AcroRd32.dll”, but also “module ntdll.dll”; “module Opera.dll”; and one ‘unknown’

    I’ve tried some searches to get the solution but no joy so far.

    It may be Vista, or it may well be these programs not being fully compatible with Vista. But my advice remains: don’t get Vista yet and wait until all these bugs are ironed out (assuming they will … touch wood :).

    In the meantime – I don’t have a decent way to search my hard drive, and I *really* miss Google Desktop which is way better than the new search in Vista anyway, even when it works as it should.

  29. Vista isn’t all that bad. To be fair you have to mention that there are also many improvements in Vista, e.g. the much better file requester and the super-slick GUI (but that’s a personal taste). So I would say if somebody gets a new PC/Laptop with Vista included, give a try at least. And XP crashed more often than Vista for me. If there are unstable drivers then it’s the driver makers fault. Personally I don’t want to go back to XP after used Vista for a while now.

  30. I’ve got a brand new Sony SZ with Vista Home Premium. Windows Explorer crashes whenever I try to drag any files into any folders, and even when I try to right click and send files to Documents. Same scenario that I’ve read on this site: “windows explorer has stopped working” then immediately “windows explorer is restarting.” Paul’s suggested solutions did not work for me. Windows update reports that Vista has all relevant updates.

    This is highly irritating. Anybody have any suggestions on third party file management programs to replace this faulty Microsoft offering?

  31. I’m HAving The Same Prob. Wid control panel……. whenever i click on it ……. the explorer crashes and this message comes……

    Problem signature:
    Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
    Application Name: control.exe
    Application Version: 6.0.6000.16386
    Application Timestamp: a0a0a0a0
    Fault Module Name: control.exe
    Fault Module Version: 6.0.6000.16386
    Fault Module Timestamp: a0a0a0a0
    Exception Code: c0000005
    Exception Offset: 000027c5
    OS Version: 6.0.6000.
    Locale ID: 16393
    Additional Information 1: a574
    Additional Information 2: 334e2c6c0aeba99099d55b020d3bd6c1
    Additional Information 3: 4109
    Additional Information 4: 91d273d58cc64b178d4b785cde444f8c

    Read our privacy statement:

  32. I’m getting a strange crash on Vista 64-bit Ultimate. When vista loads up, if I right-click anywhere in the desktop, explorer crashes! It’s a brand new system, so the only thing that’s happened is I downloaded updates, activated windows, installed AVG and office 2003. Any ideas?

  33. I’ve been suffering from the same random explorer crashes you all have. My screen will suddenly begin to flash like crazy and my taskbar, open windows, running programs, etc.. will all go blank and flash in & out until I use taskmanager to end the explorer process and restart it. This happens to me at an unacceptably high rate (Depending on how long I sit and put up with it, usually AT LEAST 5-8 times) The truth about Vista is that like all OS’s they never work properly any time soon after their initial release. XP, although a stable and working OS, is 5 or more years old and Microsoft is still sending out patches and updates on a daily to weekly basis. No matter how long they work on the OS prior to release, with the virtually unlimited different types of programs, viruses, etc.. that are available on the web, it’s sadly impossible to make an OS that is even 80% bug free. In my opinion, Vista won’t even be a piece of shit worthless OS for another 2 years, let alone an efficiant stable platform. Granted it does have many useful features and add-ons that all the previous versions of Windows lack, from my personal experiance, the cons FAR outweigh the pros. The more Microsoft tries to, for lack of a better term, “idiot proof” Windows, the harder and more tedious it becoms for a capable experienced user to use. Anyway, enough of my rattling on and on. I suggest anyone who is still having difficulties with explorer crashing try Paul’s solution involving the shell manager. I used it and noticed an amazing boost in system performance and stability (So far at least *crosses fingers*) immediately after I disabled all the useless and un-neccessary shell extensions. If I continue to prceed with my daily computing without explorer crashing or going crazy I’ll post a follow up containing my results over an extended period.

    Thank you all for sharing your advice on this VERY annoying matter. Hopefully my problem is resolved now (Although I’m sure another one will quickly arrise to replace it 😉 )

    Goodluck & Godspeed,

  34. I was just on and watched the new leopard demo, wow… now if only microsoft could do that… what a better place my desktop would be. Using vista my productivity is down the toilet and im pretty irritated to use it at this point…To me Vista is like taking the body of an audi thats been crashed on one side, and putting it onto an old chevy cavalier frame, turning it so you can see the good side of the audi, moving it back about 200ft so you think ‘wow, is that an audi’, and then upon closer examination, its not an audi, its not even a chevy, its crap thats built on crap – then you look around and see the wrecked side to boot.

    And so i ponder should i just reload this new computer with XP and save myself the headache…probably…who has time for that? not me. Wish i could have just bought a pc with XP on it…that wasnt a refurb or old…arg. Maybe then i could at least load office on it.

    Im starting to think about switching to apple, and thats freakin scary cause ive been down that road… aaaagh. what to do. Obviously im out of patience for another ‘new windows’ experience.

    waiting for the service packs… shipping whenever via donkey no doubt. (not spell checked)

  35. Just to update: finally I installed the newer version of Acrobat (v8), and the particular problem I was having with Explorer went away.

    I would go along with what Reaper said: any OS is going to have problems getting up to date with everything out there. I suppose Vista will eventually work with most things as does XP.

    I have had a spate of blue screens, shut-downs for no apparent reason, fiddly c**p, and other annoyances…

    Like djpt3 I have pondered reverting to XP; with the better machine I have now it would probably work well. But it’s such a #$%@! hassle, unlike some people – I don’t enjoy having to tinker with my system, I just want it to work so I can get on with *my* work. Not doing that of software engineers or whatever.

  36. I have the same problem as REAPER does…

    all the time I have to finish the explorer.exe process and restart it!
    I hate that!!

  37. I have had the same problem with right clicking a folder or file and then closing the explorer window crashing explorer. A “I don’t have a clue fix” was running CCleaner. Problem fixed for now.

  38. Hi der,have some prob like dis,but more hard, my explorer when i want to close it crashes and want to restart it,i have to open one my computer and before close dis open another?!! not to crash,any body knows how to repair this?

  39. I am having the same problem. Here is my dump:

    Windows Explorer

    Stopped working

    12/13/2007 1:01 AM

    Solution Available

    Problem signature
    Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
    Application Name: explorer.exe
    Application Version: 6.0.6000.16549
    Application Timestamp: 46d230c5
    Fault Module Name: SHELL32.dll
    Fault Module Version: 6.0.6000.16513
    Fault Module Timestamp: 4681c95d
    Exception Code: c0000005
    Exception Offset: 0014608a
    OS Version: 6.0.6000.
    Locale ID: 1033
    Additional Information 1: 8d13
    Additional Information 2: cdca9b1d21d12b77d84f02df48e34311
    Additional Information 3: 8d13
    Additional Information 4: cdca9b1d21d12b77d84f02df48e34311

    Extra information about the problem
    Bucket ID: 558570906

    Is there any solution???

    – JS

  40. I had the same problem here,

    What i did was:
    create a new user and copy all my docs and settings to this account.

    untill now it is doing fine,,

    For me it was the easiest way of getting rid of the problem..

    met vr gr manti

  41. I am having the same problem, and i really need to fix this, it happens every half hour on average, and i am damn sure its all after I installed windows updates, please help solve this issue, it’s getting too irritating.

  42. Also I was one of the guys who suddenly had a crash of explorer whwn using the right click on the mouse.

    After long searching I found out that it was not due to the shell extensions but due to programs using shellext.dll
    This driver caused the problem and after uninstalling them it was over.
    During my search I found by accident a great utlity called shmnview…which helps you out with all shell extensions.

    Just because noother person found my solution…here is mine.


  43. Just installed Vista 64-bit on a new build, RAID 0 drives. I had a ps/2 keyboard to help with RAID setup. Still using the PS/2 keyboard I discovered that whenever I went into any shell app (eg: Internet http:) selection, when I began to type, the whole thing froze up. The only thing that would work is shutting down the app thru task manager. Can anyone explain this or know of some method that I use to straighten this out?

    Thought that by changing to USB keyboard problem would go away.This helps but still does it. Wanted to change the Homepage in Explorer in Internet Options. It happened again. What can be done?

  44. I have 64 bit Vista Ultimate running on an Asus Blitz Formula MB with an Nvida GPU. Quad core Pentium 2 with 4 GB of RAM. USB keyboard, no problem using the keyboard in BIOS, and can even log into Windows with it. Once Windows starts I can use the mouse no problem. The second I use the keyboard, windows explorer crashes and locks up the machine. I tried several different keyboards by the way?

  45. I am having the same problem. Whenever I try to open Control Panel or any window to do with configuration explorer.exe crashes.

    I am unabled to even disabled a network connection as explorer crashes. I want to re-install XP, but I just can’t be bothered to reinstall my applications and customise it.

  46. on my latest vista installation the desktop sometimes crashes when i try to open the recycle bin. interestingly this even happens after installing SP1 for vista.

  47. NEWS FLASH to all you dreamers.
    Vista SP1 didn’t fix the Windows Explorer crashes, on the contrary, it increased it, especially on Laptops.

    I had to disable the Windows Firewall otherwise the explorer keeps lagging and then crashing after the laptop is back from sleep mode.

    Conclusion: Vista sucks, and that’s a fact.

  48. hey! I have the same problem too! ok buddies…we are all just complaining! I understand it’s a really annoying problem, but if we all work together we can find a solution. I have come with so many “solutions that work” for this issue, but these are only temporary solutions. I’m recently trying the ShellExView solution, which suggests this problem is originated from third party shell extensions. If it works I’ll be posting it all over the internet! I swear! Because I really understand you guys.
    P.S. anybody knows what desktop background or dreamscene is Tom using? (look at pictures posted above this page) GOOD LUCK TO ALL!

  49. I have a problem too whenever i open more then two aplications or just windows my desktop starts moving changing with every move of a mouse i cant do anything, but i i open like a firefox it works fine but not always so the main problem is the windows eplores even if it does not crash its imposible to work with it…

  50. Use an alternative. I use Cubic Explorer for all my file management. Thats faster and much better than the inbuilt Explorer. This is not a solution and can be used by almost anybody who needs to open files and folders.

  51. I can’t be sure exactly what started mine as several things have been going on already. I know that I’ve had this problem only lately and have recieved updates (automatically) upon rebooting from a hard crash with my system. I’m running Vista Home Premium, 320 gig hdd, 2 gig ram, 2.66 intel dual core, nvidia geforce 7300 gs, pci 8738 c-media sound, wireless microsoft mouse (loses connection sometimes). Since I have so many issues that started around Nov/Dec of 2007 I’m not sure which are causing which as most are random. Have been running the system for about a year now with vista, no reinstalls but restores and repairs, yes.

    My most recent though are windows explorer crashing when I run internet explorer 7.0, when I right click on the desktop/a file on the desktop/the taskbar or start menu use. I’ve killed the explorer.exe and re-ran it using task manager, still crashed. I went to a site called secunia and scanned my system, saw that there were security issues with 4 programs, updated them all except quicktime (not yet but shall) and the explorer.exe crashes have slowed giving me only one since so far. Not sure if it’s related though. It’s random as well as it seems to like to hit in large patterns then slow to nearly none, as if it were a group of tornadoes. Go figure.

    I’m still seeking a good registry cleaner thinking it might help. I’ve had errors in the past before this began about my hard drive’s driver failing and dirty volume info (in reliability report in vista), issues with my acpi32 missing but the registry has a listing, mentioning my bios doesn’t have an irq for pci slot 7, warnings of winload.??? and drive.sys, so many I can’t keep up. Microsoft thinks my hard drive is failing, I don’t know… But I think these may be seperate issues here as the explorer issue just began. The hard lockups and conflicts began around the time .NET was trying to auto install (update for .NET framework from Microsoft).

    Just trying to cover the most important bases so it may help someone. The reliability report I was able to access through control panel.

    Sorry this was so long, everyone..

  52. One more thing, I found that viewing the event viewer even causes the explorer to lock up and crash. I have also found that the event viewer can help you research somewhat on your errors by checking the time and date of the errors and remembering when your crashes occur.

    I find that taking notes helps me keep track. You can usually find a link in the page with the error for more information, if not you can google it (the error number and/or description).

  53. Im having a problem with vista an im just about ready to go crazy my task bar starts bouncing and moving icons in the wrong places I click on my start and have a blank menu also all programmes are doubled even on the desk top it continutes until i reboot the computer then its normal only to start all over again can someone please help me with this problem Im just about ready to head for a padded cell.

  54. I keep having this problem *on occasion*, i try to open up a folder, or double click on a file within it, and it crashes. I then try to do the same thing, and it’s fine. This is a fairly new vista business computer (feb 2008). I also have to reboot about once a week because all the icons on the bottom start fading out (like they’re dying or something :)).

    In 1989 i had a unix workstation at work running x-windows that i rebooted once in 2 years; and that was to install more memory. It’s appalling that 20 yrs later MS can’t deliver an o/s that can find its way out of a wet paper bag…

  55. Well I installed Vista yesterday and as soon as I was online this happened alot. I believe this is caused by a trojan called vundo (it is a very common trojan that easily infects all comps). On XP this causes pop up of ads and leaves your internet slow, on vista it has the affect of crashing your windows explorer constantly. Superantispyware will detect it and wipe it from your comp (try it).

  56. You were right.
    Unlike other spywares like spyware doctor this one detected vundo and more 6 trojans.
    To ascape kaspersky’s deadly hand , these must be veary secret trojans.

    Yes they disssapeared autta my sistem.

    But i Still have the windows explorer problem 🙁

    If i want to select properties of a program when i click with the right side of the mause the explorer crashes and restarts.

    Please keep giving solutions like this one.

    Thank you chaos, i’m sorry it didn0t work…

  57. Well, i take sometings back.

    A saw some repair options and you guys should check this out! 🙂

    This program can repair the windows explorer folder options that some treats disabnle it to make removal more dificult.

    Many many many more…

  58. Too bad they don’t work

    I guess the problem is on regedit.

    The trojen is no more on my pc.

    I guess that trojen was attached to some regedit files and changed them.

    Now that the vundo trojen is gone, i need to mix with regedit to make whatever vundo changed back to normal.

    Does anybody here knows hows how to do this?

  59. I had this problem, researched on the net, did all the tricks offered until was about to go back to xp. i figured all the programss i had installed i removed them one by one tested the machine until i got the damn thing that was not befriending it. I was running a compatible anti virus that works with vista but the moment i removed it everything went back to smooth sailing and its a week now and no crashes, am using a different programm and vista is looking sweet. I like mcaffee but unfortunately it was not happy working with vista.

  60. why microsoft, WHY???? i get this error like every day, and every day i have to do the bad way of turning off my computer (using the switch). i just want service pack 2 or something, i cant even install crysis SP demo because of this error. i hope a fix will come soon….

  61. This is from a long time ago, but I got to say that I have the same problem! It’s so frustrating. I’ve been using Macs for the last 4 years, and I absolutely HATE having to use Windows now. It’s horrible, it’s buggy, and it’s one headache after another. I’m dead serious: Microsoft is one lame company if they can even get their own file manipulation to function properly. There is absolutely no reason why Explorer should crash on simply copying and moving files… We’ve been doing this since the first HDDs came out, and even before… why in the world can’t Microsoft get it right? Why are they so bad at this?

  62. No such problem here
    I can move any file to documents using the context menu without a single problem

  63. My explorer.exe(file manager) crashes everytime I close it. THEN it says blah blah SOS…program is restarting. Why are people reporting this same error on and on and on…No one even Microsoft has a solution YET!…Ridiculous. Oh well…back to XP pro I guess…lmfao

  64. Any one who have this Windows Explorer crash issue please look up Paul’s reply in thread. His solution solved my Vista issue.

  65. I have the same problem as Nathan above. It says Windows Explorer has to stop and then click restart, it will restart but it goes right back to the crash window again. I can use firefox to an extent and I can live with the pop up crap but its so annoying to have to click the restart or exit button each time I want to load a page. Plus it won’t let me use my start menu. And to think 10 hours before this all started I was defending Vista….Can anyone help?

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