Politicians blogs?

I’m recording a radio interview tomorrow morning (Wed 21st) about politicians and blogging. I have long believed that blogging software is an ideal tool for politicians to raise their profile.

I have come across a couple of good politician’s blogs but if you know of a good one, why don’t you leave a link to it in the comments of this post.

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  1. Thomas Byrne and Dominic Hannigan both have good blogs, and they’re candidates in the same constituency – http://thomasbyrne.blogspot.com/ and http://dominichannigan.blogspot.com/

    Expect to see a lot more politicians blogging in the coming months. There will be a few constituencies where an upset will be put down to the impact of a strong online campaign, which will mean we’ll see a much greater impact of the web (and blogging) in future Irish elections. It’s similar to the impact Howard Dean’s 2004 campaign has had on the 2008 US Presidents campaign.

  2. Damien,

    thanks for the links (and your modesty in neglecting to mention your own blog!).

    Maybe you can answer something for me – most of the political blogs in Ireland are Labour Party members. Apart from yourself and Thomas Byrne I could find no other blogs from Fianna Fáil and none at all from Fine Gael!

    Any idea why that might be?

  3. You might give votetube.org a plug.
    Ciaran Cuffe’s blog compliments the rest of his site. Cllr Seamus Ryan’s blog, a View From The Left is a good, regularly updated mix of Waterford and national issues.

  4. Simon, apologies, your comment came in after I left for the interview but if it is any consolation, I didn’t get a chance to plug any politician’s blogs.

    It was a short interview for Morning Ireland. Recorded so one assumes they will run it if they have a slow news day!

  5. Tom,

    Tried to add a comment twice earlier, and firefox died both times. So I’ll be quick!

    Labour have had a definite, organised and supported campaign to roll out blogs throughout the party, perhaps related to Zack Exley’s involvement with the party (although I have heard it has been a limited engagement).

    FF members are aware of blogs. I have been asked about them at nearly all the FF events I’ve attended in the last year. I believe we’re going to see more and more candidates, and outgoing politicians, using blogs as part of this campaign. This will be true of all parties, but I hope FF can be to the fore in this.

    Only time will tell how well it can go!


  6. Tom, Was your dad in politics? What does he make of it all and the multimedia worlds’ effect on his world?


  7. Damien – sorry you had problems commenting here – I will try turning off some of the Ajax to see if that helps.

    turfreek – yes my father was involved in politics in the 80s and early 90s. I haven’t discussed it with him but I remember his constant frustration that his press releases were never published. Blogs would have allowed him to self-publish.

  8. Tom, wouldn’t bother changing a thing on your side, most likely an issue with my powerbook- it’s been acting mad recently.

  9. We’ve got a couple of candidates You Tubing themselves . . . not quite a blog but an interesting take on using the new tech – especially for Irish politicians.

    John O’Mahony is a Fine Gael general election candidate in Mayo (and also the Mayo gaelic football manager)

    Cllr. Frank Chambers is a Fianna Fáil general election candidate in Mayo.

  10. Hey Tom,

    Well…I just it on miel’s blog on how the bug was fixed…was really weird but a nice update about the reasons.

    Best wishes from Colombia

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