Nokia N70 firmware update fried my phone

My phone has never been the most stable but I couldn’t update the firmware because I didn’t have a PC and Nokia don’t believe in supporting non-Windows platforms (despite Microsoft having a ban on its employees buying Nokia phones!).

As I received a PC the other day, I decided now was the time to try to update the firmware and do away with the phone stability problems. Big mistake.

I downloaded and installed the Nokia Software Updater without any problems however on applying the new firmware the progress bar seemed to be stuck at the position below for a good 20-30 minutes.

Nokia Update stalled

It proceeded a bit beyond that but then came to the following message:
nokia updating crash

No matter how many times I try (or retry) it craps out on me. The phone itself won’t startup at all now. Fortunately I backed up the data before I started this process but now I am without a mobile. Damn.

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  1. That’s very unlucky Tom. Do Nokia certify the Updater on Vista?

    You may be forced to go to Choice Communications on the quays to de-brick it.

    I did the latest upgrade last week and it went fine (well apart from all the new bloody bugs it has introduced).

    I’m this —>

  2. Weird that arrow caused half my comment to disappear.

    I was saying that I’m very close to getting a HTC Windows Mobile Device with Wifi or one of Pat’s very sweet devices when they are available.

    Nokia are throwing away years of advantage by releasing buggy slow phones and software. PC Suite is unstable garbage. You’d think they’d get better value for money than that after paying $430m for Intellisync.

  3. I hope you get sorted because I’ve enjoyed reliable service from my Nokia N70.

    The Communications People in Thurles have a back room team of wafer testers who handle Nokia problems better than any other place I’ve used in Ireland. I stopped doing my own updates several years ago since their process was faster and more reliable.

  4. Exact same thing happened to the Nokia I had before the N70, (the one with the round top)!! Lost my nerve with the firmware updates after that….

  5. Nokia’s updater is completely shite. It killed my PC stone dead the other day, I ended up having to reset the NVRAM to get it running again. A full day wasted while I tracked down the problem.

  6. I have the same problem too… I must format phone memory but I dont know how I correct this problem 🙁

  7. I have the same problem… When i run my mobile i can not do anything and display is light upped…


    try formating your phone by *#7370# n if its nt switching on then try pressing
    All together
    and the along with the above
    the power key
    P.S. Keep All the FOUR buttons
    untill you see the
    formatting screen…..

    Hope It HElpS yoU

  9. Nokia firmware really suck!! Im already download the latest firmare but my N70 doesnt perform like i hope..
    I doesnt see any difference with oldest version..
    Hopefully someone can tell me how to downgrade my firmare =(

  10. The N70 was all bamm, until I decided to upgrade firmware and dude just went dead men. I don know how to get it sorted out.

  11. Hi, been trying to figure out how to reset my n70 and have been trying the dial/*/3/power combo many times, to no avail. how long should i keep them pressed down before i see a formatting screen? thanks!

  12. I own a Nokia N70.. I have formatted both the Phone and the External Memory ( In fact I also got my 1 GB card corrupted and had to buy a new one ) ..

    I knew that I can upgrade the firmware but never picked up the courage to do it..Upgrading the Firmware is really risky .. because it directly writes on to the flash memory .. besides it sometimes may not give good result or rather worse poor functionality …

    So I am just carrying the same firware that came as I had brought Nokia N-70


  13. i was ready to update my N70 phone but after reading these post,never i do this. my first posting, but system says funny.

  14. Also had a similar problem, my phone started though, but the update got stuck exactly like yours. After surfing down some forums I disabled PIN request on my SIM, that helped.

  15. Hey! I want to upgrade my n70.It it possible? Anybody please tell me what are the necessary software i need. Any website or any thing that shows the full process, please suggest.Thanks!

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