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I’m not a big foodie. Don’t get me wrong, I like food but purely as a way of filling a need (my hunger)! I was at a friend’s house over the weekend. He made a great seafood chowder. He put loads of fresh seafood into it, stock, etc. and sure it tasted great but I’d have been just as happy with a burger and chips. What can I say, I am a philistine!

Still, I had a meeting with Irish food blogger Val O’Connor recently and she told me of her plan to start blogging really basic recipes like how to boil an egg, for example (according to Val, if you pierce the egg with a sharp pin, it won’t crack when it is boiled).

I think this is a spectacular idea. I know when I am home alone if I open my nemesis, Mr Fridge and see all these ingredients staring at me just waiting for me to ruin them, I’ll go to the freezer and get out a pizza instead!

A site where I could find instructions on how to boil an egg or bake a potato in a foolproof manner would do wonders for my diet.

Hurry up and get it going Val, I’m getting hungry.

4 thoughts on “Irish foolproof food blog”

  1. If you think that is good news then you should be getting really excited about one of the finalists in the My Dream App competition. Cookbook sounds like it would be right up your street. Its still in development and has a realistic chance of winning the competition. But anyhow, its targetted towards Mac’s, blah…

  2. Great idea! considering I managed to burn pizza over the weekend 🙁 Might help to improve everyones diet by presenting simple options.

  3. i am a fellow food blogger and know Val, we are working together on Irish way with video tutorials so you really can’t go wrong!! Launching it in Ireland in June professionally! great reading in your blog by the way!

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