Getting a Vaio

Microsoft Belgium rang me yesterday (I don’t think they realised it was a public holiday here!).

I did some consultancy for Microsoft Belgium last November and at the time they asked me if I’d be interested in participating in a program where they send out laptops pre-loaded with Vista. The aim of the program is to get feedback on how the laptop behaves from the recipients. I said I’d be very interested in being involved!

The phone call yesterday was to confirm my address – the laptop (a Sony Vaio – dunno which model or spec yet) is en route with Vista Ultimate and Office Ultimate pre-installed.

To date Vista has received a major panning, even from Microsoft fans and Microsoft Partners. The main issues seem to be how well Vista works with older drivers and hardware. By sending out new machines with the software already setup, many of the issues people have already had will be circumvented.

It is going to be great fun to see how well Vista stacks up against OS X (and the Vaio against the MacBook Pro!).

What should I install first on the Vaio?

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  1. What should I install first on the Vaio?

    At the risk of being all sarcy and mac-fan-boy, can I suggest Anti Virus protection?!

  2. Damien – the laptop will have Onecare installed already but good thinking, thanks!

    Justin, that’s actually a fantastic suggestion. I could install it in a separate partition, or using VMWare or similar. Then I’d really be able to compare across OSs.

  3. Windows XP 😉

    I got Vista working awhile back and was then stumped as to what software to install next. I had Office 2007 on XP already and couldn’t think of anything specific to Vista I wanted to try. Rather disappointing for a new OS.

    Enjoy the Vaio though, I hear they are good laptops.

  4. I think the Aero theme diverts your attention from core functionality at first. Essentially it seems to be no different from XP except XP works better.
    I think I see a Raftery Roastingâ„¢ on the horizon 🙂 Vista watch out!

  5. Ubuntu was a great suggestion, Feisty Fawn is out soon in April so it would be a good chance to test it. However Tom I would install ubuntu first, then install VM ware and put Vista as a vm partition.

    Personally I wouldn’t install Vista as I think it’s an overrated pile of junk but hey who wants to hear my opinions on that?

    Aero also really does divert attention away from the functionality but then again so does Beryl. That’s exactly what eye candy is supposed to do, make your technophobic relations gasp and exclaim in revered tones that this operating system is the best thing since sliced bread. Well maybe not Brennan’s bread. mmm…bread. Bread sucks in Beijing…way too sweet….having a craving for soda bread and a rasher sandwhich of some sort…mmmm….rashers…

  6. You have an endless amount of computers to bench test Vista against Tom.

    Ubuntu vs Vista
    OS X vs Vista

    But what about the Sony Viao Vista vs a normal end user PC Vista? (or has that been done to death already?)

    Nice little present all the same. Is it yours to keep?

  7. You could try hosing it with a virus and observe the effects, if any. And this could dovetail into a Vista (re)installation experience..

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