8 thoughts on “Did the OS X 10.4.9 update break N70 iSync support?”

  1. I have an N70 but didn’t upgrade yet, was going to give it a shot over the weekend. I think I’ll hold off for a few days now!

  2. My SE k800i plugin is no longer working either. iSync is refusing to open at all.

  3. Fraid so – seems to sync some items but not others – especially some calender items. VERY frustrating.

  4. same here. i’m using a se k800i and i can noch only sync contacts – no more calendar syncing. it allways braks with a connection error – really weird.

    anybody with some solutions???

  5. If anyone finds the solution to syncing SE K800i and OS X 10.4.9 please post the answer.


    ‘Frustrated’ of London.

  6. iSync reports an error at the end of syncing with N70, but not if only contacts are selected.

    It seems there are problems as soon as iSync tries to sync calendars from iCal.

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