Joost invites

Joost invites

I have two Joost invites to give out.

They go to the first two people to leave a comment here.

Leave your name (first name and last name) and email (in the email field so it won’t be displayed)

Update: Invites sent to John Stephen and Jonathan Harrington – quick off the mark there guys, well done.

Update 2: Bizarrely Joost sent me another two invites so I have passed these on to the next two in the comments, Stephen and Jason. If I get any more, I’ll keep going down the names in the comments.

Update 3: Yet another invites this morning – going to Conall and Redmum

80 thoughts on “Joost invites”

  1. B*llox to my alleged broadband connection, by my timing I would have been first-ish only it stopped and I didn’t get back in on time obviously.

    Ah well 🙂 thats the way the cookie crumbles

  2. There seems to have been a good few invites sent out over the last 24 hours. I got one from another kindly souled blogger yesterday, and have already been given 2 invites. If Steven and Jason Goff still want one, (number 3 and 4 on this list) Tom might send me the email addresses and I will put them in.

  3. Hi, if anybody has anymore invites I’d absolutely love one. Can’t wait to try the Joost! cheers

  4. I’m allways too late! *cry* 😛 Let me know when you get a refill, thanks!

  5. If you have anymore invites, I’d greatly appreciate one.
    alexbttf (@) gmail (dot) com


  6. Hi
    just discovered your site and can I join the Q .if there is any chance….

  7. Hi there.

    I’d just wanna ask for an invite. As James said: I’s a long shot 😉

  8. Hello Tom:

    Hi from Calgary, Alberta Canada. I am very interested in Joost and would greatly appreciate an invite. I am a realtor and like to keep up with all the new tech info and programs.
    Hope you can help.

    Thank you

  9. Hello Tam,

    I am very interested in Joost and would greatly appreciate an invite.

    Thanks & regards,
    Vijaya Bhaskar

  10. I would really love one of those tasty invites

  11. hello,
    i too look a long time for a joost-invite.
    someone here can help (send) me?
    thanks and best greats

  12. Like so many other supplicants I am looking for an act of pure generosity in the form of a Joost invite.
    Just a bit of background for no particular reason: I am off the Saskatchewan prairies in Canada and have been transplanted to Autralia which I love but have not been willing to give up my Canadian citizenship. 🙂

  13. I found your blog through a google search for joost invites. I realize this is pretty much a longshot but you wouldn’t happen to have anymore would you? I’m more than willing to turn over my own invites to you in return so you can invite others. Let me know? My email’s or if you know anyone that IS willing to share one. Thanks!

  14. I’d love a Joost invite and promise to spread the joy! I think it would be a great teaching tool!

  15. I have a few hundred invites available. If you’re looking for one then drop a comment on the blog page located in my linked name and I’ll send one on.

  16. Hi! Would you have any more invites? I would love to have one, please? Thanks in advance!


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