Zoho Writer woes

Zoho Writer woes!

It has been some time since I last tried Zoho Writer (I have been using Google’s Documents and Spreadsheets instead) so I decided to give it a go this morning.

I had a small project to do (a shared document) so I thought it would be an ideal test for Zoho.

I created the document, wrote it, saved it and in an unusually cautious move for me, I copied it into Google Documents as well.

Just as well I did. When I tried to open it again in Zoho I got the error above. The error only occurs for that document, not for documents created before or after it.

I don’t know how commonplace this is with Zoho Writer but I have never had it happen with Google. Looks like I’ll be sticking with Google for a while yet.

5 thoughts on “Zoho Writer woes”

  1. Ah that wasn’t my Annual Report Conor. Microsoft asked me to write up their Annual Report so I thought I’d do it using an online word processor for the laugh. Not!

    Would have been good though!

  2. Our sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused, Tom. We are looking into what might have gone wrong with this particular document of yours. I’ll get back to you on this soon.

  3. Google’s Documents and Spreadsheets will be really interesting once they get an online Powerpoint clone up there. Anyone seen such a tool that works, yet?

  4. I just had to do a thing on the google docs. and on think free for a computer class at the college I attend. I really did not care for either program as they are really, really slow. But if I had to rate one I guess I would give the edge to Google (by a hair tho) I agree that things will get better once there is a PowerPoint type program out there to use in conjunction with the online docs.

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