The next great Cork Blogger's dinner

The plates are hardly dry from last night’s great blogger’s dinner and we have another spectacular one planned.

The date is November 28th, time and venue are yet to be decided – mark it in your calendars now!

November 28th is the eve of it@cork’s 2006 Business and Technology conference, so I made sure to invite the speakers who blog to the bloggers dinner, when I was asking them to speak at the conference.

The list of bloggers who have agreed to come to the dinner is impressive:
Hugh MacLeod
Marc Canter
Salim Ismail and
Jeff Nolan

I’m sure we can convince Hugh to bring some of that Stormhoek wine he is always raving about!
Now, I wonder if we can find somebody to sponsor the food as well…

If you plan to come to the dinner, or are interested in sponsoring the event, leave your name in the comments of this post (or send me an email –

17 thoughts on “The next great Cork Blogger's dinner”

  1. Pat – haven’t decided yet. Suggestions?

    Damien – I know of students who skipped lectures back in the day 😉

    Bernie – excellent

    Conor – best of luck with that!

    Michele – no idea – see if Catherine knows

    Dennis – looking forward to seeing you here

  2. I’ll have a word with the boss, since you mention wine sponsorship and the Culpeo went down well enough at BarCamp, though no promises. I’ve also taken the bull by the horns and asked Stormhoek if they’ve thought about an Irish distributor. And of course I’m up for eatin and drinkin &c. if free that evening.

  3. Hi Tom,

    I’m new to this forum and to you 😉 but would love to attend – will be at the it@cork conference the following day anyway ……

    So if it’s appropriate for a newcomer, then count me in !

    John P

  4. Typical, I’m Chair of the BIMA Awards in the UK so won’t be able to attend the conference. I’ll try to make the blogger meeting though so put me down please.

    Are you aware of the Firefox Party I’m hosting in Dublin? if not, why not register on the site and send the invite onto others. We’ve got some cracking support!


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