Last night's blogger's dinner

Cork Bloggers Dinner

Last night’s blogger’s dinner was a great success – thanks to Pat for organising (and paying for) it.

Shel Israel and Rick Segal were the guests of honour and both had lots of interesting info to impart. Rick talked up MusicIP – I missed the start of the conversation but I assume MusicIP is a company he has invested in. MusicIP scans your music (Windows, Linux, Mac) and creates playlists for you based on your mood!!! amongst other things.

Little did I realise when I first started conversing with Shel last year that I’d convince him to come to Cork twice this year (first for the it@cork Web 2.0 conference and now for his global tour) – it just goes to show the power of blogs as a networking tool!

6 thoughts on “Last night's blogger's dinner”

  1. Sorry to have missed it, I was looking forward to it. Sounds like a fantastic night from all the reports. The vocal chords on the two boys must be shredded at this stage.

  2. MusicIP is fairly handy…. formerly predixis, good plugins on the go for winamp. Can take an age to scan your collection but its worth it for the gems you would forget you have.

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  4. Convince me? The way I recall, I begged you to invite me to speak at IT Cork. You do know that I love the city. I am touched by what I know about it’s past and I am completely juiced about what I see in its future. Last night was an absolute smash and I will write my version of it as soon as I get caught up.

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