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Last night's blogger's dinner

Cork Bloggers Dinner

Last night’s blogger’s dinner was a great success – thanks to Pat for organising (and paying for) it.

Shel Israel and Rick Segal were the guests of honour and both had lots of interesting info to impart. Rick talked up MusicIP – I missed the start of the conversation but I assume MusicIP is a company he has invested in. MusicIP scans your music (Windows, Linux, Mac) and creates playlists for you based on your mood!!! amongst other things.

Little did I realise when I first started conversing with Shel last year that I’d convince him to come to Cork twice this year (first for the it@cork Web 2.0 conference and now for his global tour) – it just goes to show the power of blogs as a networking tool!

Cork blogger meetup

Pat Phelan is organising a blogger dinner/meetup to coincide with the visit to Cork of Shel Israel and Rick Segal in October.

The dinner is on in the Taste of Thailand restaurant, Bridge Street, Cork on October 17th at 8pm. Leave a comment on Pat’s site if you want to attend.

I know I’ll be there – I’m looking forward to having a chat with Shel again and I can’t wait to meet Rick – the author of the funniest post on the Web 2.0 controversy.

Rick and Shel want to meet you!

I received an email yesterday from Shel Israel regarding his forthcoming road trip to Europe with Rick Segal.

Shel asked me who he should meet in Ireland. I said, “why don’t I post it on my blog?”

“Great!” he said.

So, Shel and Rick are

looking for people with great ideas who can help us see how tech entrepreneurialism will evolve in Ireland over the next few years.

Given that Rick is a VC and Shel is a business consultant, anyone with a new business or new business idea should be keen to meet them.

If you would like to meet up with them, either leave a comment on this post, or drop me an email at tom@tomrafteryit.net and I’ll pass on your interest.

UPDATE – Unfortunately I will be away when Rick and Shel are visiting Ireland but Pat Phelan of Roam4Free has kindly stepped up to the plate and is holding a blogger/VC dinner in the Taste of Thai restaurant on September 9th at 6:30pm. Rick and Shel will be there and are hoping to meet lots of interesting Irish people there too. If you are interested in meeting them, I’d advise you to go along.