Les Blogs 3

I see Loic has posted dates for Les Blogs 3. It is on December 11th and 12th this year.

I went last year and I can honestly say it was the highlight of the year for me.

Still no mention of line-up or pricing but unless it is outrageously expensive, I’ll be going.

See you there?

11 thoughts on “Les Blogs 3”

  1. Maybe on of you guys can convince him to come over to Ireland and talk to some bloggers. We were hoping to get him to talk at the “Blogging the Election” event but heard nothing back from him.

  2. I’m actually considering going this year. If only to see Mena Trott drive some smart ass blogger through a table.

  3. Damien, I could certainly look into that. I had him on the PodLeaders podcast a few months back and we had a good chat. It’d be good to get in touch again.

    Mark, you are thinking of going? Oh God! Now I am re-considering going 😉

  4. If Mark’s going then I’m booking my ticket now 🙂

    Genuinely hope I can go. Depends on whether the next baby is early or late. Fingers crossed for early.

  5. Hi Tom, thanks for your good words, of course it will not be expensive, but I had some complaints on the food last time (Marc Canter !) so I think it will be 300€ instead of 200 this time just to cover two lunches, coffee, croissants etc with better quality and a room for up to… 900 people! See you there

  6. tom,

    if you have a similar event in ireland. i’m sure loïc won’t come after you if you call it les blogs eire.

    i don’t think it’s trademarked.




  7. tom,

    still at nokia. i’m now out of marketing and sales and into product management. i’m working with all the multimedia experiences product managers to create a coherent and pleasant online experience. it’s a big task, herding cats, and, i hope, a big impact.

    so, i’m even more (if it’s possible) interested in the fusion of the mobile-web-pc and what would be the mobile lifestyle experience.

    hope to see you in paris.



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