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Les Blogs and extreme sports

Sorry for the breakdown in the live blogging of the Les Blogs 2.0 conference yesterday but there is a serious lack of bandwidth and power in the auditorium.

The conference dinner was great in terms of networking but poor in terms of nutrition (it was finger food for people with small fingers and smaller appetites)! I got to line up some incredible podcasts – look out for some amazing interviews in the coming weeks.

The lack of food meant that the free alcohol went straight to everyone’s heads and as a consequence some interesting new extreme sports were invented. Piaras (when he wasn’t climbing the walls)came up with bar splits and street somersaulting; Chris went hotel room surfing; and Ed pioneered naked stair bouncing and came up with a new definition for phone sex! Where was Tara with her camera when all this was going on? Lift stuffing (the, until recently, under-rated art of seeing how many people you can to fit in a lift before it breaks down)!

The latest web 2.0 application will have to be a site which reviews conference delegates – “Your name is Ed Byrne?, Sure we have rooms – but you do know we have recently carpeted our stairs, right? No, our marble stairs were attracting too many hardcore naked stair bouncers!”

Ouch my head hurts!

My head still hurts after the Lizard Lounge party of last night so my liveblogging of Les Blogs 2.0 is a little slow!

Right now we are in the middle of a panel discussion entitled “How is blogging affecting corporations?” moderated by Gilles Klein a French journalist

* Philippe Borremans,
Public Relations Manager, IBM, Belgium
* Georges-Edouard Dias,
Director of Internet & E-business, L’Oreal, France
* Michel-Edouard Leclerc, France
* Jaanus Kase, Skype, U.K.
* Adriana Cronin-Lukas, U.K.
* Martin Varsavsky, Fon