Google Blogsearch adds ping

Thanks to Niall Kennedy for pointing out Google’s new ping service.

This is great – one of the biggest problems I had with Google’s blogsearch was how slow it was to pick up on posts. Several hours after posting an article, typically it still wasn’t up on Google whereas the post is often up on Technorati within minutes.

You can manually ping Google’s Blogsearch here or alternatively you can add the following address to your blog platform to automate the ping (in WordPress add it Options -> Writing -> Update Services)

For more see the Google Blog Search ping FAQ

4 thoughts on “Google Blogsearch adds ping”

  1. Great news. My blog has been having problems with Technorati not updating despite being pinged/e-mailed. Perhaps Technorati has been too busy with its stats to worry about its content. And Google is reponsible for more traffic than Technorati ever was. This can only be good for bloggers.

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