GrandCentral – a couple of questions

GrandCentral is an offering from the original creators of DialPad, which gives you one phone number for all your telecommunications.

According to GrandCentral’s site, with a GrandCentral account you get:

  • One Number…for LifeTM – Pick a number that will not change when you move or change jobs.
  • ListenInTM on Voicemail – ListenIn on your messages from any phone before answering.
  • Screen Your Calls – Know who is calling every time, even for blocked numbers.
  • RingShareTM – Upload your MP3s to play for your callers instead of the standard ring.
  • Block Callers – Block telemarketers or annoying callers and never get bothered again.
  • Switch phones mid-call – Switch from cell to office or home your callers won’t know.
  • Customize by Caller – Pick phones to ring, greetings to play and music to hear based on who is calling.
  • Voicemail Everywhere – Get your voicemail online, through the phone or in your email.
  • Voicemail Storage – All of your voicemail messages will be saved online, for LIFE.

This all sounds great and it seems to be getting very good reviews but with the recent telephony problems I have had I have a couple of questions:

  • If anyone reading this post uses GrandCentral – is it good/reliable? and
  • When will it be available in Ireland?

2 thoughts on “GrandCentral – a couple of questions”

  1. Met with Craig and Daniel founders of Grand central in San Francisco in the company of Shel Israel on last Saturday morning.
    I also tested and played with the system using my USA mobile whilst in the States and can confirm that the system works incredibly well and the level of userbility is quite amazing.
    I spoke to Daniel and Craig regarding their plans for Europe and I am pretty sure that we will be seeing them on this side of the pond soon.

  2. Interesting to see the depth of security behind the service…. storing ALL your voicemail online for LIFE sounds a bit tempting to potential service attackers no?

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