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GrandCentral – a couple of questions

GrandCentral is an offering from the original creators of DialPad, which gives you one phone number for all your telecommunications.

According to GrandCentral’s site, with a GrandCentral account you get:

  • One Number…for LifeTM – Pick a number that will not change when you move or change jobs.
  • ListenInTM on Voicemail – ListenIn on your messages from any phone before answering.
  • Screen Your Calls – Know who is calling every time, even for blocked numbers.
  • RingShareTM – Upload your MP3s to play for your callers instead of the standard ring.
  • Block Callers – Block telemarketers or annoying callers and never get bothered again.
  • Switch phones mid-call – Switch from cell to office or home your callers won’t know.
  • Customize by Caller – Pick phones to ring, greetings to play and music to hear based on who is calling.
  • Voicemail Everywhere – Get your voicemail online, through the phone or in your email.
  • Voicemail Storage – All of your voicemail messages will be saved online, for LIFE.

This all sounds great and it seems to be getting very good reviews but with the recent telephony problems I have had I have a couple of questions:

  • If anyone reading this post uses GrandCentral – is it good/reliable? and
  • When will it be available in Ireland?