AOL axes data leakers

I mentioned the AOL and user data cock-up a couple of weeks back. Now, according to a story on CNET today, 2 people have been left go from AOL and CTO Maureen Govern has resigned as a result.

For the people whose data was leaked, many of whom were readily identifiable, this will be cold comfort.

3 thoughts on “AOL axes data leakers”

  1. Hi Tom!
    See RTE’s mention of the story ? It says the CTO was sacked. In any case, it was a hell of a screw up!

    BTW , love the blog and becoming a regular reader 😉

    Jim’s Blog

  2. Thanks for the kind words James.

    In the case of the CTO I’d say it was a case of ‘go or be pushed’.

    I downloaded the search data and there is pretty scary stuff there

  3. Hi Tom

    A bit OT, but I see you’re mentioned on slashdot again…

    “On the same day Netizens fumed over the trademarking of Web 2.0 (R), lawyers for O’Reilly were beating a path to the USPTO to file for a trademark on MAKER FAIRE, lest some Irish scallywag try to co-opt that catchy phrase for a conference.”

    I’d hazard a guess that it’s more than 10 years since you’ve been called a scallywag!

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