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I drove to Dublin on Saturday. I had a couple of small jobs to do and I was going to the Blogger meetup in the Market Bar afterwards.

Now I don’t know Dublin well at all so I was mighty relieved when a friend offered me the loan of a Sony GPS unit for the trip. It was the Sony NV-U50 and I would have been literally lost without it!

The user interface could definitely stand some work (it took me a good while to figure out how to get it to plot a course to a destination) but once underway and following its instructions, it brought me to the door of my venues flawlessly. I didn’t even have to think about where I was going.

Who else makes these in-car units and which ones are best (i.e. easiest to use)?

I’d love to take one to Spain in a couple of weeks when we go there on holidays

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  1. Garmin and Google Maps cached on my Sony Clie got me around the desert southwest of the States. No paper maps were unfolded, even while running through the LA basin. The driver made two wrong turns in 3940 miles of travel.

  2. I actually rented a Garmin set from earlier this year for a week in France. It worked really really well. They don’t seem to rent units anymore, but check them out for offers. (no, I don’t have a relationship with them)

  3. They don’t have maps for Ireland, take a long time to reacquire a signal after losing it forcing me to reboot units after leaving tunnels, and their points of interest db is usually out of date.

    Three strikes against Tom Tom then.

    Oh, and if you’ve a data plan with your Nokia you might be able to just buy a map card and a bluetooth GPS unit. Just like everything else there’s still little to no support for my S60 3rd edition phone yet.

  4. I have a Garmin GPS-V in the Car. It works quite well as long at the mapping is up to date, though it is quite an old unit now. I assume you know that if you are bringing a laptop, you could, like Bernie says, use google maps, and I have a Serial GPS, thats sitting in the drawer here 😉

  5. I rented a Garmin set from elephant car hire last year for my holiday in Italy. It was superbe!

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