3 men rescued after 9 months adrift at sea!

I was watching the Spanish news on TV this lunchtime and they reported a story about 3 fishermen who were rescued after being adrift at sea for 9 months! Intrigued and not catching all the story ‘cos of my crap Spanish! I Googled it and sure enough the story is well reported.

However, a little further reading unearths some rather unsettling facts. Seemingly,

two other men on the boat had died during the ordeal… the two dead men had hired the other three to make the fishing trip, and denied speculation they may have set out to pick up drugs at sea, a common activity on Mexico’s Pacific coast, which often serves as a transfer point to the United States

Is it just my suspicious mind or does it seem strange that the two men who died were the boat’s owners?

2 thoughts on “3 men rescued after 9 months adrift at sea!”

  1. It’s definately just your suspicious mind cos their wasn’t any other evidence. What did these guys eat and drink for 9 months? how were they eventualy rescued? 9 months!? are you sure.

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