How not to complain

Michele Neylon put up a post last night, ostensibly about how not to do PR, but really it was about how some of his competitors are getting legalistic with clients. I think.

The post was one of the more cryptic posts I have read in a long time. Seemingly someone somewhere, who may be a competitor of Michele’s, sent a legal letter to someone for something. You with me so far?

It goes on. Somebody else, who is also a competitor (may or may not be the same competitor) engages in sharp business practices and may have also sent out a legal letter (this is not clear).

Jeez Michele. If you have got something to say, just say it. Don’t hide behind “somebody somewhere did something to somebody”.

Either that or say nothing.

4 thoughts on “How not to complain”

  1. Glad it was not just me – I skimmed that from beginning to end and finsihed off assuming that I had skipped a paragraph or two. And not like Michele to be that obscure 🙂


  2. The person referred to in this post who wrote a post about the entity that nearly did business with the same person who wrote the post but didn’t, may have been obscure because that same person did not want to receive a similar letter to the letter they received from the solicitors representing the entity concerned. 🙂

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