WordPress update to v2.03

WordPress have announced that version 2.03 has been released. This version contains

  • Small performance enhancements
  • Movable Type / Typepad importer fix
  • Enclosure (podcasting) fix
  • The aforementioned security enhancements (nonces)

I updated this blog a few minutes ago and all seems well! The update was straightforward enough – ftp into the site, delete old files, upload new files, sweat as you remember you should have backed up before you started, and test the site!

The update is available for download here.

If anyone notices any strangeness (over and above the usual) in the site, leave a comment or mail me (tom@tomrafteryit.net).

14 thoughts on “WordPress update to v2.03”

  1. Hi Tom.
    Haven’t visited your site in a while… how do you get the text formatting buttons in this reply/comment area – a WP plug-in or something special?

  2. Brave boy Tom. My golden rule is to never upgrade to a new release, bar security releases obviously. I let brave people like you do the debugging for me. 🙂

  3. Dammit, I didn’t see that. That’s what I get for being a smartarse I suppose. *sigh*

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  5. Tom,

    There is a plug-in fix for comments after the upgrade here, not sure if it has affected here but better safe than sorry I suppose

  6. Tom,

    Glad the upgrade went ok – wordpress ones normally do. Must be a market for Web 2.0 company that will (a) run wordpress on your site but (b) handle all the upgrade and admin / plugins for you. Note that (a) rules out using wordpress.org.


  7. Hi,

    I just want to share that wordpress 2.5.1 is out with many features.

    Check it out.

  8. I believe 2.03 was the best version out there 😛 and 2.5.1 still has some rss feed errors

  9. I am still using this release on a few of my sites….I know I should update my blogs but it works fine for me!

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