32 thoughts on “Enrique Raftery Carnicero was born this morning!”

  1. Congrats!

    I’m impressed by the previous blog entry- the one just before you headed off to the hospital! When our Son was on the way , I don’t think I was together enough to turn on a PC , never mind do a coherant blog post 🙂

  2. Congratulations Tom and I hope, with a name like Enrique, he’s inherited his mother’s complexion.

  3. Thanks everyone for the good wishes.

    I’ll bore everyone with pics soon!

    Paul – I had plenty of time to post that. I knew it would take Pilar at least another 45 minutes to finish off tiling the roof and I wasn’t letting her down from the roof until that was done 😉

    Bif – yup, fortunately for him, Enrique hasn’t inherited my (lack of a) complexion!

  4. Congrats Tom, I found your blog not so long ago and it makes great reading,the best news to be posting is of course that about Enrique.I have two of my own and like one of the previous commentators was amazed you could post in the ” towels and hot water ” rush before a new nino arrives.

    All the best

  5. Congratulations! My wife and I took the same approach with surnames. Both of our children have my last name as their middle, and my wife’s last name as their last.

  6. Enhorabuena Pili por el segundo retoño. Ya nos habéis adelantado…
    Hoy se encontró Tere a tu hermano Enrique y le facilitó vuestra URL.
    El niño es precioso y Thomas está enorme y guapísimo.

    Congrats Tom for your second boy…you’re on the first place of the race because we have only one child but she’s beautiful!!!(Our little Cristina!!!: She’s now almost five years old).
    Enrique Raftery is beautiful & Thomas is getting a great boy of course!!

    Un fuerte abrazo para todos y felicidades desde Sevilla.
    A strong embrace for all & Congratulations from Sevilla (SPAIN).

    Tere, Cristina y Fco Javier
    (PS: Excuse my horrible english…arrrrrggggggg!!!!!!)

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