Enrique Raftery Carnicero is very punctual

Enrique Raftery Carnicero is the name we have chosen for our new son. The doctors told us he was due today – May 22nd. My wife, Pilar’s, waters just broke!

We are off to the hospital – it looks like little Enrique gets his punctionality from his father’s side of the family!

21 thoughts on “Enrique Raftery Carnicero is very punctual”

  1. Dude,
    Blog *after* the birth, not during.

    (I have visions of you updating this on a mobile device in traffic as your wife in the passenger seat reaches over and steers.)

  2. Damien, I wonder if we can get VC funding for the kid? What synergies could we leverage for the post-Google era market? Will he do anything special? (It should be noted that burping, eating his own weight in food per day and lacking the ability to focus his eyes for the first few months are not considered to be special.)

    Pets.com got a fortune for that bloody sock puppet during the boom so surely the kid is worth something.

  3. Know nothing about you guys, but I’m expecting a beta version of baby 2.0 to be available for testing and a podcast of his first howl to be posted immediately.
    Love and best wishes to y’all,

  4. Congrats Tom, Pilar and Enrique.

    Hope all is going well with the new arrival.

    “Rog” would have been a good Munster name — the week that’s in it!


  5. Congratulations. Best of luck and hope things goes well.

    We’re expecting ours soon and it’s been a few years since last one (it’s all vague!) so might need some tips off you!

    Best regards,

  6. Blogging after her waters breaking easily beats me fixing in loudspeaker cables after my wife’s waters broke for the first child. I’ve never been let forget it!

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