GarageBand 3.0.2 update – are they watching me?

Apple announced an update to GarageBand 3.0.2 – this update:

addresses issues with video handling, podcast exporting, and importing QuickTime markers. It also addresses a number of other minor issues.

This is amazingly co-incidental timing. I run a podcast for IT@Cork and this morning, when I was trying to edit one particular podcast which I needed to publish today, GarageBand kept crashing on me. If I tried to listen to the podcast through my headphones, it crashed. Several other operations also caused it to crash. I dumped the preferences file, I started the Mac from CD and repaired permissions and repaired the disk – all to no avail.

Then I hear Apple have released an update which “addresses a number of other minor issues”.

It is a good thing I’m not paranoid!

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