Google Maps rolls out new old data

I spotted that Google Maps satellite data was updated today so I decided to check it out. You still can’t see our new house in Rushbrook (built in 2004) but our old house in Bracken Court is clearly visible and you can easily make out Pilar’s white Micra in the drive (which we sold recently) – new data for Google Maps, but old data for us!!!

Our old house on Google Maps

3 thoughts on “Google Maps rolls out new old data”

  1. Absolutely – the field at the back of our house (above) – behind the trees is now a large building site and the trees were cut down over a year ago.

  2. Forget about the sat data, that’s out of date but what I don’t understand is how the roads are so wrong, they even have place names wrong, Derrybrook not Donnybrook etc, and thats not to mention the way they have Irish names for some places for no reason.

    And my other pet hate the roads don’t line up with the sat data! That sata data does have the best zoom of what’s available though.

    Check out if you can the road mapping there is excellent.

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