Measure Maps swallowed whole by Google!

I see Google have bought Measure Map an online web stats application. Google already have Google Analytics as a Web Stats application so they must really like Measure Map’s technology to say they have bought it from Adaptive Path (the developers) and have taken the Measure Maps team with them.

A comment on Paul Kedrosky’s site by Simon Cast sums up the probable thinking behind this deal nicely:

This acquisition fits very neatly into the strategy of Google becoming an arbiter of attention. Its forays into radio and print are simply the company expanding into other areas of consumer attention. However, Google also needs to be able to measure attention on non-google sites which is where Google Analytics (nee Urchin) and now Measure Map come in.

These utilities will allow Google to gain attention information which can then be used to increase the price for advertising around certain topics and sites.

Michael Arrington has speculated that the price was in the region of $5-$10m.

3 thoughts on “Measure Maps swallowed whole by Google!”

  1. I have a feeling that the only reason that this purchase was made was to get rid of competition. We will see if they ever implement their technology along with Google Analytics.

  2. Google are also working hard on location based search and steadily making acquisitions to build their technology base quickly.

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