Anyone have contact details for Tim O'Reilly?

I am organising a Web 2.0 mini-conference for IT@Cork for early June of this year. I have some good speakers lined up but I’d love to get Tim O’Reilly along to speak since he wrote a seminal piece on Web 2.0.

Also, the fact that Tim is from Cork originally and this is an IT@Cork mini-conference, can’t hurt!

I checked the O’Reilly Radar site and sent an email to the contact address there but i have heard nothing back so i don’t know if Tim read the email and is too busy to respond or didn’t see it.

If anyone has contact details for Tim, can you email them to me at Or leave suggestions in the comments?


6 thoughts on “Anyone have contact details for Tim O'Reilly?”

  1. It’s [removed], I believe. That’s what’s in my address book anyways. If that doesn’t work, ping me and I’ll try and find out for you.

  2. Thanks Jeremy – I’ll try that – I’ll also edit your comment to take his address off the page – he mightn’t appreciate it being published(!)

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