Flock crashing on G5

I recently treated myself to an Apple iMac G5 – I needed a new machine bcause of the increasing amount of podcasts I have been doing and my PowerBook’s sound board blew (replacing the sound board on a PowerBook costs over €600).

I was using Flock from time to time on the PowerBook (the PowerBook uses a G4 chip) – when I transferred over to the iMac G5, however I find that Flock crashes on start-up. I tried downloading Flock again (v 1.4.1) and re-installing but no joy.

Is anyone else having this problem with Flock and the G5 chipset?


Following up on a suggestion from Mark in the comments, I deleted the Library/Application Support/Flock folder and that sorted the problem.

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  1. That could well be it Gary but I don’t think so – it hapened with the older version of Flock which was on my PowerBook, when I copied it across and the newer version when I installed it.

    Also, it doesn’t exhibit the reported behaviour of this bug – it doesn’t even allow Flock to launch – it crashes almost immediately after launching – no page is ever displayed!

  2. Anything written to the console.log? You can monitor it in realtime by tailing the file in a Terminal or just opening Console.app in the Utilities folder.

  3. Mark,

    yeah, there’s loads written there – even more written to /Library/Logs/CrashReporter/flock-bin.crash.log

    Nothing I could make much sense of though – for instance:

    Thread 5 Crashed:
    0 libxpcomclucene.dylib 0x0360c9c4 NSGetModule + 5280
    1 libxpcomclucene.dylib 0x0360d52c NSGetModule + 8200
    2 libxpcomclucene.dylib 0x03608b20 dyld_stub__ZSt8_DestroyIPPN6lucene5index4TermESaIS3_EEvT_S6_T0_ + 56413888

  4. Oh yeah, garbage plist files in, crashing applications out.

    As I learned when Windows Media Player for Macintosh started crashing out after I migrated to my PowerMac G5 and then upgraded to 10.4, some applications don’t clean up after themselves. You might have dumped the app but it’s preference file could still be hanging around in a Library folder. A corrupted plist can cause apps to crash out on launch as some preference files are only generated if it can’t find one to begin with.


    If this solves your problem let me know.

  5. I forgot to say Mark, I deleted the .plist file first – no joy, but deleting the Application Support/Flock folder worked a treat!

  6. Well to be honest that was going to be the next step. Deleting a plist file is a bit less invasive than trashing an entire folder. 😉

    The step after that involved you reformatting the boot volume, reinstalling Tiger, and promising to never use Flock again. ;-P (I learned that trick from customer support for Windows)

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