Darren Barefoot interview podcast

I recorded an interview with Darren Barefoot at the end of last week but what with the Scoble’s visit and the IT@Cork conference, I haven’t had a chance to publish it until now.

Darren is an uber blogger, a web marketer, he is involved in Capulet Communications, Northern voice, darrenbarefoot.com, geek travellers blog – that I know of – a busy man! Darren was good enough to take some time out to discuss these and other interests with me.

Here are the questions I asked Darren and the times in the interview they were asked:

  • Darren, you are involved in Capulet Communications, Northern Voice, darrenbarefoot.com, geek travellers blog – that I know of – that must keep you quite busy… – 0:25
  • You are also involved in lighting design… – 0:56
  • Northern Voice, is that like BarCamp, just up north? – 1:45
  • Given your relationship with Ireland, could you speculate why so few Irish companies have started blogging? – 3:38
  • This whole Web 2.0 stuff, what is it? – 7:06
  • So there’s a difference between the term Web 2.0 and the reality which is the evolution of web applications…- 9:07
  • There seems to be a huge amount of hype around the term, are we heading for another bubble? – 10:22
  • Do you think Web 2.0 is changing how marketing is done these days? – 12:04
  • What about companies who are building software applications which are not Web 2.0 – how do they create a web buzz? – 16:21
  • It seems to be becoming the norm that sites are being monetized by ads – do you think we will soon see free versions of Microsoft office or Microsoft Windows? – 19:27
  • Does the fact that many of your applications are online help manage your remote clients? – 22:37
  • Finally, Mac or PC? – 24:07

You can listen to the full interview here (5.9mb mp3).

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