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  1. Personally I prefer a simple functional phone that can make calls and has a reasonable battery life. I really don’t see the appeal of all the other “bells and whistles”…

    By the way .. your template looks a wee bit screwed up. There’s a huge gap between the “subscribe” button and “pages”

  2. Hey Michele,

    I’m a bells and whistles junkie, what can I say!

    On the template, a Google ad is supposed to go into that spot – it is showing up for me, so I presume it was some temporary Google adserving issue.



  3. I spent about 1 minute playing with an N90 in the US. It’s the return of “the brick”. Weighs a ton – can’t see people lugging it around just for a camera/VLogs. But the N70, well that’s a different matter……

  4. Iagree it looks fantastical! does anybody know when will the N70 be available in Ireland? I’ve contacted my network – O2, and they said they’re currently testing it… which doesn’t tell me much!

  5. I have a friend in O2 Networks and even they do not know when they are rolling out 3G handsets properly.

    It was supposed to be before christmas originally but they are cutting it fine at this stage(and all that iMode nonsense has just confused everything). They will miss out on a large number of sales if they don’t get their asses in gear.

    It’s actually quite funny to google “O2 Ireland 3G”. All of the links are to press releases about the network roll-out from exactly this time of year in 2003!

    I’m with Voda but want to switch to O2 due to better coverage where I live. I was going to treat myself to the 6680 but the better camera on the N70 has me sold. The January sales perhaps? “Three” is a complete waste of time for me due to the lack of roaming agreements.

  6. i’m just wondering if I were to buy it sim-free would it work on the o2 network. www. mobilefly.com sell them sim free and unblocked. cheaper than the likes of mobile.ie or phonesonline.ie

  7. The Nokia N70 is a hard-working smart phone. I’ve bounced it off carpet, splashed it with Guinness and used it without consulting the owner’s manual. It’s as durable as it is smart. I’m considering it as my primary mobile phone because it works with a fold-out Bluetooth keyboard. If you can upgrade to this phone with an operator’s subsidy, you should give it serious consideration.

  8. Thanks Bernie – that’s just the kind of endorsement I wasn’t looking for. I can feel my wallet getting lighter already!!!


  9. I bought the n70, load of rubbish.

    contacts show up with sir names not first names as all nokia phones, when you change the setting it goes back to same.

    very slow phone to get around.

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