3 thoughts on “Do you have any questions for Steve Rubel?”

  1. Hi Steve

    I watched a interview today with Andy Walker from Call for Help , it was a discussion about unplugging from technology , once in awhile .

    No cellphones , blackberrys , checking emails etc , and how difficult it is sometimes to turn off from the wired world .

    You produce quite a lot content on your Blog , Steve .

    Do you unplug from technology often , to recharge yourself ?

    If so , do you have any non-technology hobbies ?


    John Piercy

  2. PR can be defined as the process of creating, maintaining and building relationships with all of an organisation’s audiences. In light of that definition do you not think that blogs are just a tool in a PR practitioner’s arsenal rather than a replacement for people given that some people will just use the Internet for email and not for joining in on the online conversation?

    A recent survey in Ireland showed that 60% of our population never uses email and we also have a low broadband penentration rate. Do you think that there is a worry that PR firms with offices across the globe will use blogs as a primary tool in a communications strategy in our country, despite the fact that they may be inappropriate?

    In a wider global sense do you think that the advocates of blogging sometimes overlook the digital divide. America is a good example in that the poor in society do not have as much access to computers and the Internet as some of their peers. Again, should blogging not be part of a wider strategy in order for an organisation to communicate with all of its audiences because it may risk overlooking others?

    We’re at the stage where a growing number of people are agreeing that blogs will play an important role in an organisation’s communications strategy. However the majority of people advocating blogging seem to just advise a company to blog, rather than putting any thought into the content of the blog. For example, a bank with a blog should probably be advised to talk about online security because of the rise in phishing, etc?

    How did you get into blogging and how did you convince Cooper Katz to set up a division dedicated to it?

    In light of your recent cancer scare, do you think eminent bloggers like yourself should start taking a look at the wider picture of social responsibility. In the wake of Hurricane Katrina or the London Bombings, we saw the impact of blogs on reporting on disasters and enabling people to communicate with each other in critical situations. Do you think there is need for a Recovery 2.0 project for future disasters and should your peers follow your example and help set up blogs in a similar vein to the cancer blog you set up?

    That’s all for now Tom. I’ll throw up a couple more as I think of them this morning.

  3. What are your predicitons for the PR industry, traditional media and social media for 2006?

    Do you think that vlogging (or what ever video blogging will be known as) will be the next big thing next year?

    Do you own a video iPod, and are there any plans of a video blog in light of your recent podcasting excursions?

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