RSS event in IT@Cork

I am organising an IT@Cork event around business uses of RSS to be held in the NSC on October 25th at 6pm.

The provisional title for the event is:
RSS for non techies:
Advancing brand and market awareness using simple internet technologies.

More details as they become available.

6 thoughts on “RSS event in IT@Cork”

  1. Good idea alright. Maybe touch on the fact that terms like RSS only confuse people not directly involved in IT. The term RSS is gaining acceptance but the spread of the ideal has been hampered by the use of the acronym RSS. There’s been some discussion around about calling them “web feeds” which I believe would lead to less confusion all-round.

  2. Thanks Piaras.

    Anthony – I have been following the conversations on RSS vs. webfeeds (in fact Dave Winer posted yesterday that we should use Subscribe buttons as the new standard!).

    I am using RSS as opposed to webfeeds or subscribe in the proposed title ‘cos I think more people will have heard of RSS than the alternatives.

    But I am acutely aware of how intimidating acronyms can be to non-techies, hence I tried to make the title as business friendly as possible!

    I’d love alternative suggestions for titles.

  3. Hey Tom – if I can, I’ll certainly go along. Any tips of how to get non-tech people understanding and using RSS would be great!

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