Stormhoek guilt

I’m feeling guilty.

Hugh sent me a bottle of Stormhoek wine (with no obligation) and I haven’t done anything about it.

The bottle is in the fridge, unopened.

Why? It is white wine and both Pilar and I prefer red. So it sits there in the fridge, with its personalised label (nice touch), unmolested.

It should probably have been made clearer to the recipients that they would be receiving white wine – this way they could say “Actually, thanks Hugh but…” if they don’t like white. Alternatively if both red and white were sent out (indiscriminately), it might have been an idea to allow people to choose when signing up.

What are we to do with this wine? We can hardly serve it up to guests (“here have some freebie wine we wouldn’t drink…”!).

Now it occurs to me that Robert has expressed an interest in trying this wine and he’s coming to our place for dinner in November, so how about it Robert – would you like to help us out and try hugh’s wine in our place?

One thought on “Stormhoek guilt”

  1. Well I for one Tom have never turned down a freebie wine that someone else wouldn’t drink. Or any other alcoholic beverage for that matter, or so my brother in law contests.

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