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I see on Dave Sifry’s site that Technorati have made a couple of significant announcements.

Firstly they have released new statistics on the size and rate of growth of the blogosphere:
over 14 million blogs now indexed
80 000 new blogs per day – that’s about a new blog created every second!
900 000 posts per day
37 500 posts per hour
and 40% month-to-month growth

And according to Dave these numbers take into account:

all the spam blogs we kill as well. We’ve been tracking people who are creating garbage or spam blogs just to game AdSense or try to get more pagerank. We don’t get them all, but we’ve been doing a lot of work identifying and squashing them from our index and search results

40% month on month growth? That’s an amazing growth rate – how long can that be maintained, I wonder?

Dave also announced a beta language filtering service on Technorati – this allows you to filter search results by language – very useful, I imagine, to bloggers in non-English speaking countries who don’t want to have to plough through loads of English language results to find what they were actually looking for. This will be even better when you can build it in to your watchlists – see below for how the interface looks.

Technorati's new Beta language filter

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  1. Absolutely Michele,

    many blogs don’t ping Technorati. Personally I’d say those numbers represent around 50-60% of the blogosphere.

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