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In an attempt to see if anyone reads this blog (I have a sinking feeling that my 10 million daily page impressions come from my mother constantly pressing refresh on the computer in their place!), I have set up a new feed for this blog.

If you are subscribed to this blog through an RSS reader, I would be mighty obliged if you would update your feed address to the new address for this blog (

It is a Feedburner feed which means I will receive stats on my readership and finally know just how (un)popular I really am.

And mom, you can only subscribe once!

Hat tip to Michele for advising me to do this.

Michele further tells me there is a WordPress plugin which can handle changing the feed address for me, so if you don’t want to go to the hassle of changing feed address in your rss reader, hold tight, the plugin will be plugged in later today!



8 thoughts on “New feed for this blog”

  1. Yeah I was just about to say you could almost risk losing subscribers by getting them to switch feeds. The whole point of RSS is to make subscribing to your blog painless and effort-free. Who cares how many people read your blog?

  2. Piaras

    I thought you worked in PR? Surely if you are using your blog as a PR vehicle the readership is important.

  3. The message is more important than readership and how many people read a blog isn’t of interest to me. Content is key, when that’s right everything else will follow.

    In terms of understanding the medium, the last thing I want to do is sign up to a new feed if I’m already subscribed. Doesn’t really matter in this case now seeing as the plugin seems to have handled things if the sudden burst of old posts in my RSS reader is anything to go by.

    In my case I’m using my blog as an educational and resource tool for myself rather than as a PR vehicle.

  4. Mine was “tongue in cheek”, Tom; I’ve hard of mothers doing many things for their offspring, but sitting in front of a screen for as long as that would take. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm………….

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