Business blogging strategic benefits presentation

I have been doing a considerable amount of consulting for companies recently on the topic of business blogging. Most of the companies I visit first want a simple explanation of what a blog is and how it can benefit their company.

To this end I put a presentation together on the strategic benefits of blogging for businesses – I have put a copy of the presentation online in pdf form – feel free to download it.

As always, any/all feedback gratefully accepted.

10 thoughts on “Business blogging strategic benefits presentation”

  1. Good presentation. You may want to update with Techorati’s statistics which shows a new blog is created every second and that blogs are doubling every four months.

  2. Hi Tom,

    Just a question for you – I know blogging, and business blogging is really gaining momentum – but is it really a potential business model for a person / company to do full time?

    I appreciate that companies need guidance, and design as well, but after that’s done, is there much of a long term involvement?


  3. Hi Ed,

    thanks for stopping by. The answer to your question depends really on why you are asking – if you are curious as to whether or not I am eeking out an existence with this line of work, I can say, we haven’t gone hungry yet!

    However, if this is an area you are considering getting into, I’d have to say, no, there’s no business worth going after in this sector, send all your clients to me for this kind of work.


    Seriously though, yes, there is definitely a long term involvement – any business blog needs to be managed, long term – it needs ongoing monitoring and tweaking as both the business and blogging landscapes change.

  4. This is my first experience with “Blogging.” I know I am a little behind the times. I found your presentation very interesting. Do you have a reference sheet for some of those stats you displayed? Such as the graph for total number of blogs by the month/year?

  5. Tom,

    No worries … all my clients on the way to you!!!

    The reason I ask is that the clients and prospects I’m working with at the moment, while a couple of them are sold on blogging, are certainly not keen on spending much money on it … and it seems to be that I provide set-up and guidance for the first few posts and them off they go.

    Then again, maybe I just haven’t found the right clients that are willing to pay respectable sums (I’m not trying to rip anyone off … but you have to get a decent hourly rate or retainer for the work, just like any consultative business).

    Cheers, Ed.

  6. Hey Ed,

    welcome back! This is a common issue – some of it can be addressed by drawing up policy documents for the clients but I think you’d be better off chery picking the clients you want to do this kind of consultancy with to be honest.

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