Who writes Spyware and why

I read a very interesting article on Livejournal by Franklin on how, when his partners PC was infected by Spyware, he tracked down who was making money from the Spyware and reached some very interesting conclusions about who is distributing Spyware and why.

One of the interesting aspects of the article, for me, is when he said “A couple nights ago, Shelly’s computer became infected. Shelly’s technically savvy, the apartment we live in is on a closed private network with a hardware firewall between us and the Internet, and she also runs a software firewall on her computer, and she still became infected nonetheless”.

To my mind, this backs up what I said in my earlier post on Spyware, the only way to stay safe from Spyware and Malware is not to use Internet Explorer or Windows.

This isn’t an anti-MS rant, I’m actually pretty agnostic when it comes to OSes normally and work easily on whatever platform I am presented with, but it now seems obvious (esp. for home users) that this is the only route which will work.

3 thoughts on “Who writes Spyware and why”

  1. Hey,
    I hear ya,I’ve been useing MS windows since……. Well since my tech life started.
    Now ive taken the jump and ditched windows and bought my self a G4 Powerbook, should arrive this Friday and im simply glad to be free.
    Respect the Mac.

  2. I agree, except the only thing is many pages only look right in IE. The other thing is the linux platforms available today are practically unknown to the general public, and no one seems to want to teach the average computer user how to work with them. Many people think that the only options are Windows or MAC. Sigh….

    Jim Yawn http://www.1product.info

  3. It’s hard ot believe, but now the average webmaster can buy spyware and adware traffic at various websites online. One of them is zango and of course mediatraffic. I read somewhere else that even BIG companies are buying adware traffic. It’s a real shame.

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