Blogger blogs are annoying!

Is is just me or do other people find Blogger blogs annoying?

What annoys me about them is that you have to click twice, if you want to comment – first to get to a link to comment, then to get to a Sign In page. What’s that about?

You can only comment on a Blogger blog if you a)Sign in with a Blogger account or b) comment anonymously?

This is a very restrictive practice on Blogger’s part that has me groaning in frustration, every time I have wanted to comment on a Blogger’s blog.

9 thoughts on “Blogger blogs are annoying!”

  1. Yup. I find it really annoying. Not enough to stop me using the ones I have going – yet, anyway – but enough to make me consider another option for future blogs where commenting might be an issue.

    A very strange and convoluted commenting system on Blogger is made all the more bizarre given the ease of use throughout the rest of their product…

  2. Yeah – Blogger must have been reading this blog last week and decided to update as a result of this post! 😉

    Well Blogger, you still have some way to go, as Frank pointed out, but you are getting there. Keep up the improvements and if you want some suggestions on how to improve the commenting system, feel free to contact me directly!!!

  3. If you click this link, you will go to the comment posting page. (Note: in some templates, this link may take you to the post page first. From there you should be able to find the “Post a Comment” link which will take you here.)

    I did not know that! I am now looking into how to eliminate that intermediate step of going to the post page… then the whole process will be MUCH better!

  4. yeah, it’s true… I imagine the reason for this is that in the past I’m not sure previous comments were shown on the post comment page. Therefore it would make sense to check out previous comments before posting, so in the templates they coded it so you went to the post page before you got to the post comment page.

    Did that make sense? Anyway, now with the comments being shown on the post comment page you can go directly to that page with no worries… as I have just done on 9mmfilm news…

    So I have to admit the blogger commenting system has just taken a few huge leaps.

    Let’s face it though, at the end of the day it would be nice not to have to leave your site – which is where WordPress really wins over.

  5. Yep, and don’t forget speed – posting anything, be it a post, or a comment seems to take an age on Blogger blogs whereas it is pretty instant on WordPress.

  6. wordpress blogs are annoying too, you have to sign-in, and I always seem to forget my user name and password.

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