Installed Spam karma instead of Spaminator

I had installed Spaminator (version: 1.0rc7) on this site to stop Comment Spam but Spaminator was deleting genuine comments (it deleted 2 of the last 3 genuine comments). The author didn’t respond to this issue – which, in fairness, is
as likely to be an issue with my system as the plugin.

However, I came across another plugin called Spam Karma which has received good reviews.

I have installed Spam Karma now and hopefully this will kill the comment spam but allow legitimate comments through.

2 thoughts on “Installed Spam karma instead of Spaminator”

  1. Tom, how are you doing with Spam Karma?

    I’m interested in a comment/trackback spam solution that solves the problem — rather than the nofollow attribute which penalizes all commenters after the fact.

    (By the way, ScriptyGoddess’ Subscribe to Comments plugin is wonderful — not for comment spam, but to let people know when their comments have been replied to.)

  2. Diane,

    I’m doing really well with Spam Karma. So far, there has been only one false positive, and that was someone using an unusual method of commenting.

    There are one or two minor issues with it but I am prepared to put up with them, given the piece of mind it gives me wrt comments.

    One thing to be aware of, though is that the developer of Spam Karma, Dr. Dave, has announced that he is taking a break from the development of it. So don’t expect any support from the developer, if you do have problems.

    The one or two issues I am having are related, I believe, to the fact that I am on a beta version of WordPress.

    Thanks for the Subscribe to Comments suggestion, it sounds interesting – I must look into it,

    Hope this helps,


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