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Your top Web 2.0 apps?

If we ignore the fact that the term Web 2.0 is controversial for all kinds of reasons and concentrate on the applications themselves, which Web 2.0 apps (using the broadest possible definition) do you use most?

I use:

  1. my blog and podcast software all the time (they are run out of WordPress)
  2. my Flickr account regularly to post photos
  3. Google’s Docs and Spreadsheets frequently for collaboration or sharing of documents
  4. Google’s Calendar to synch with my laptop and mobile phone calendars
  5. Technorati, PubSub and Google’s Blogsearch to subscribe to RSS searches
  6. Flock as my main browser of choice (primarily because of the Flickr and Del.icio.us integration) – I also use Firefox, Camino, Safari and IE7
  7. Feedburner to burn and track my feeds
  8. NetNewsWire, Google Reader and iTunes to consume my feed list
  9. TechMeme, Megite and TailRank for keeping up with tech news
  10. Del.icio.us very occasionally to store URLs for items I have found interesting

What cool Web 2.0 apps am I not using that I should be using? What are your favourite Web 2.0 apps?

Zoho Writer fails to impress!

I received an email this morning from an Aravind (a Market Analyst for the Zoho range of products & services apparently).

Aravind asked me to test the Beta of Zoho Writer, an online word processor. I tried it out and wasn’t too impressed!

I have tried and written about online word processors previously and both Writely and WriteBoard are significantly better than Zoho Writer in one very important respect – both worked flawlessly on the Mac!

Zoho Writer fails miserably on the Mac (Firefox and Safari)!

Aravind, if you are going to ask someone to review your product, ensure it works on their preferred platform before you pitch it to them!

Google Analytics graphs on a Mac

Google announced it was opening Google Analytics – a web stats program, for all to use free last week.

Since it was launched Google Analytics has had problems – mostly related to the unprecedented demand for its use (unprecedented by Google, at any rate).

One persistent issue, unrelated to popularity is that the Google Analytics graphs don’t appear on a Mac in Safari (or in my version of Firefox – although this may be due to my use of Adblock in Firefox).

However, I spotted a tip in Mactips today which explains how to get Google Analytic’s graphs to work in Safari

Try to force a reflow of the page, e.g. by hitting “Cmd +� or “Cmd -� to resize the text. The charts will appear.

I tried it in Safari and FIrefox and while it works great in Safari, it doesn’t work in Firefox 🙁 – Still, at least I can see the graphs now.

New Safari (released version) now passes the Acid2 test

The latest release of Safari (v2.02) – released in Mac OS X 10.4.3 today, now passes the Acid2 test – wohoo!

Safari's rendering of the Acid 2 test

Acid2 is a test page, written by the Web Standards Project, to help browser vendors ensure proper support for web standards in their products.

Safari is now ahead of every major browser in its support for web standards – Firefox, Flock, Opera all fail to render the Acid2 image correctly and don’t even mention Microsoft Internet Explorer!

The next version of Internet Explorer (IE7) will be released soon and what do you think are the chances that it will pass the Acid2 test?