Crashing Safari?

I have had isolated reports that since upgrading this blog to WordPress 2.3 and the theme to K2 RC2, this blog crashes the Safari browser.

I’m running Safari version 3.03 on my Mac and it doesn’t crash but I’m told version 2.04 does crash.

I have tried turning off some of the sidebar widgets but that didn’t fix it (maybe I didn’t turn off the right ones?) and I tried tweaking the theme but to no avail.

If there are any code junkies out there who have any suggestions on why the blog may be suddenly crashing some versions of Safari, I’d love to hear them so I can resolve this.


5 thoughts on “Crashing Safari?”

  1. I’m leaning towards the tag cloud in your sidebar as a possibility, since it is a WordPress 2.3-only feature, but either WordPress 2.3 or K2 RC2 seem to be the likely culprits. I know without a doubt that your blog was working on September 21st, so it has to be something added or updated after that date.

  2. Well, that wasn’t it. I see that you’ve removed the tag cloud now, but Safari is still crashing. I’d be interested to know what’s causing this, if you ever find out.

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