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Batt O'Keeffe podcast published

I just clicked Publish on the first Batt O’Keefe podcast. There will hopefully be more podcasts with Batt before the election (I was originally told 5-6 podcasts would happen) but what with my being away and Bertie calling the election (!) time is now short so getting many more out will prove difficult.

My involvement in this project was limited to getting questions in, asking the questions and producing and publishing the podcast post. The number of questions which came in was overwhelming and I was delighted with the level of interest in the podcast. Obviously in such a short podcast, getting to all the submitted questions was never going to be possible.

In fairness to Batt, he did answer a representative sample and he went even further and gave a commitment to answer all the remaining questions either through his blog, in future podcasts or directly by email.

New podcasts coming up – any questions?

I will be conducting a couple of interesting podcast interviews in the next few days for podleaders.com.

The first is with dotMobi CEO Neil Edwards and the second is with Microsoft’s Silverlight Project Manager, Brad Abrams.

If you have any questions you’d like me to put to them, leave your questions in the comments of this post, or in the comments on the relevant podleaders posts.

Any questions for Batt O'Keeffe?

Batt O’Keeffe has been a TD (member of the Irish parliament) for Fianna Fáil in Cork and is a currently a minister of state in the Department of the Environment.

I have been asked to host a series of podcasts with Batt in the run-up to the next national elections here in Ireland. The election date hasn’t been announced yet but it is widely expected to be around the end of May this year.

My first interview with Batt for these podcasts is provisionally booked for this Friday (April 27th).

If you have any questions you’d like me to put to Batt, please feel free to leave them in the comments of this post.

Update – comments closed on this post now as the interview is over. Thanks to everyone who contributed. Great questions. Really added to the podcast.

Thanks Sarah!

Sarah Carroll, the uber-organiser of the Events Day Conference wrote me a lovely email this morning to thank me for speaking at the conference yesterday. In the email she said:

You were absolutely terrific, I’ll send you on some quotes later from the delegates so as you know it’s not just me in your fan club :-))

Many many thanks for being there with us, and for your contribution all day long, most particularly your “official” session.

Thanks Sarah, it is lovely to get that kind of feedback.

Over on the Conference blog which Sarah maintains, she has promised to podcast the talks so I’ll put up a link here as soon as they are published.

Any questions for Neville Hobson?

Neville Hobson is co-host of For Immediate Release, one of the better podcasts on the net at the moment and one I try not to miss.

Neville is a big proponent of the virtues of Second Life and is heavily involved in a company called Crayon, which specialises in helping customers make sense of all the new media out there. Crayon held their launch in Second Life.

I will be interviewing Neville tomorrow morning (March 30th) for a PodLeaders podcast. If you have any questions you would like me to put to him, please leave them in the comments of this post.

Any questions for Ross Mayfield?

Tomorrow afternoon I’ll be interviewing Ross Mayfield, co-founder and CEO of Socialtext for a podcast on PodLeaders.com.

Socialtext makes enterprise social software for collaboration – i.e. Wikis, for corporate customers mostly.

If you have any questions you’d like me to put to Ross, please feel free to leave them in the comments of this post.

Podcasting for business event

it@cork are running an evening event on Podcasting for your Business this coming Tuesday evening (27th February).

Brian Greene and Conn O’Muineachain, the two guest speakers addressing the event are two of Ireland’s top podcasters having won the Netvisionaries Podcasting award last year and the Digital Media Awards Grand Prix award this year respectively!

Conn will be discussing Podcasting for internal company communications (training, best practice, recognition, etc.) while Brian will focus on how easy podcasting is to do, and how the public facing parts of corporate Ireland should be looking at it.

I’ll be chairing the event and moderating the q&a.

The event is free to it@cork member companies and €20 to non-members. This is a great opportunity to meet two of Ireland’s foremost podcasters, I strongly recommend going along, even if you are only wondering what all this podcasting stuff is all about anyway!

[Disclaimer – I am on the steering committee of it@cork]

Irish Blog Awards nominations

I’m both deeply honoured and humbled to have been nominated for several Irish Blog Awards.

The competition is stiff and I am up against many more deserving blogs/podcasts than my own.

Judge for yourself – listed below are the categories in which I have been nominated (twice in the best podcast category). I have italicised my listings in the categories so you can identify them more easily.

Best Contribution to the Irish Bloggersphere:

Best Technology Blog/Blogger:

Best Podcaster:

Best Podcast :

Jason has a complete list of all the award categories and nominees here.

The voting form is online here. If you haven’t done so already, I urge you to head on over and vote (you don’t have to be Irish to vote in the awards).

March 3rd (the night of the awards) promises to be a great night. Well done Damien, once more.

Anyone got a copy of the PodLeaders Sam Sethi podcast?

I have put a copy of all the podcast mp3 files from PodLeaders on Libsyn today after the previous host’s server disappeared taking all my podcasts with it.

Unfortunately though I couldn’t find a copy of the podcast I did with Sam Sethi last Sept/Oct. If anyone has a copy of that mp3 I’d love to get it and put it up again.

Sam has been exceedingly gracious and offered to do another podcast (an offer I will take him up on shortly) but I’d really love to have the original interview as well.

If you come across any podcasts on PodLeaders not working now, please do let me know. As far as I am aware the Sam Sethi one is the only one not working but I could easily be wrong in that.

Thanks to Colin DiPonio, I now have the Sam Sethi podcast file once more. Thanks Colin.

Lie detector software for Skype?

The BBC is reporting that there will very shortly be a plugin for Skype which acts as a lie detector by analysing:

audio streams over a Skype call in real time and illustrates the stress levels of the other person

Most of my PodLeaders podcasts are recorded Skype conversations – this could add a whole new dimension to the interviews!!!